Agents of SHIELD Gets Trippy in “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

After spending almost all of last week’s episode on Earth, we return to space and the search for Fitz. In addition to the dangers of hopping around the universe, there’s a new threat. A bounty hunter is after Fitz and has a disc that allows him to transport from one place to another.

That’s a much faster way to get around than what Daisy and crew are dealing with. After Simmons’ rash but well-intentioned decision to launch them into deep space contrary to everyone else’s wishes, Davis and Piper are pissed. They want Simmons put into a containment unit for disobeying Daisy’s direct orders and putting them all at risk. They do have a point but Simmons doesn’t care at all. She’s focused totally on finding Fitz, even though Daisy reminds her, “We can’t save Fitz if we can’t save ourselves.”

Daisy decides they will return to Earth to regroup but Simmons insists she’s staying right where they are. The two are about to fight it out when the customs agent for the planet they’ve arrived at, Naro-Atzia, signals he’s coming aboard. Everyone is made to hand over their weapons and things go smoothly until Simmons asks about Fitz by name. The bounty hunter rounds the corner and shoots Daisy and Piper. Thankfully, Davis appears to knock him out. After he’s restrained, the bounty hunter reveals he’s hunting Fitz because he knows that Fitz died on Earth a year ago and therefore shouldn’t exist in the universe anymore.

Having safely delivered the rescued crew and cargo from last week’s episode, Fitz and Enoch are ready to return to Naro-Atzia. The only problem is, they’re wanted men and the two men buying the cargo know it. Fitz and Enoch end up with no cargo, no ship, and no money save one gambling chip. As they enter the casino on Kitson, Fitz vents his frustration about their lack of progress and doesn’t respond when Enoch calls him his best friend.

Enoch’s Chronicom abilities make him good at gambling so initially, they’re able to win some money. Unfortunately, the alien is bad at reading people and is quickly tricked into losing all of their winnings. He then suggests they try a different game with higher stakes. It’s a type of alien poker and Enoch can use his card counting abilities and a high-pitched whistle only humans can hear to tell Fitz how to play each hand. But if he bets on the wrong hand or loses completely, he’ll be executed or sold into slavery.

Using information from the customs agent, Simmons and Daisy deduce Fitz landed on Kitson and they travel there to meet him. A few broken fingers courtesy of Quake is all it takes for the two thieves to spill all they know about Fitz. Before the agents head out, Davis hands around a bowl of sweets that earlier Enoch had warned Fitz against eating. When Daisy and Simmons arrive at the casino, they realize they are super high or “tripping balls” as Daisy puts it. They can’t even walk down the staircase to the casino and they nearly collapse from laughing when they remember that Davis ate six sweets.

So yeah, Davis is tripping out big time. While Piper tries to contact the others, the bounty hunter exploits Davis’ drugged state to escape twice. Meanwhile, Daisy and Simmons are tearfully discussing their love lives and their love for one another under a casino table. Suddenly, they hear a high pitched noise. It’s Enoch and he’s malfunctioning. The siren-like noise coming from him gives him and Fitz away. They’re sealed in the game room as they wait to be executed. Enoch surmises that another Chronicom, a hunter version, executed a remote override on him. He’s right; a swarm of hunters enters the casino. Daisy blasts them as best she can in her stoned state and sends Simmons off to search for Fitz. He’s attempting to blow open the door and only succeeds after sincerely asking for Enoch to help him as his “best friend.”

The door bursts open, Fitz walks through, and Simmons is standing right there… then the bounty hunter teleports in, grabs Fitz, and teleports away again. Rude.


Field Notes

  • Hands down one of the funniest episodes of SHIELD ever. Simmons and Daisy stoned out of their minds in an alien casino is a scene I never thought I’d see but it was hilarious.
  • Daisy: “And if he’s not here-”
    Simmons: “He better be dead.”
    Daisy: “What?”
    Simmons: “Better dead than in the brothels.”
  • Piper: “Hey, Davis, you in here? I brought you some animal crackers, you big, dumb baby.”
  • Daisy: “If I can’t quake it, I’ll break it.”
Stephanie Coats