4YE’s Game Of Thrones Roundtable: What We Thought Of Season 8 And The Series Finale

Game of Thrones was no doubt one of the biggest shows in pop culture history. It captivated audiences for years and pulled really huge ratings, not to mention it had one of the biggest fandoms as well.

Now that Game of Thrones is all over, and the dust has finally settled as far as all the craziness surrounding its series finale goes, we thought it only fitting to give our final thoughts on the finale and season 8 overall.

Check out some of the burning questions we had left and some of our feelings on certain topics below!

Before the season even started, what was your ideal ending?

Melissa: My ideal ending never had Dany on the throne – I was a big supporter of Sansa taking the throne. Sometime in season 7, I was positive Dany was going to die by either Jon or Arya so I guess one point for Mel? I also thought it would be…cooler? I’m not sure if that makes sense but in the en,d I thought it was boring. It’s a fantasy! You have dragons! Someone who can change their face and is a trained assassin! Someone who can possess animals and knows all. Have fun with it!!

Anna: I never thought Daenerys would be on the Iron Throne in the end, and I was never a huge fan of Jon either. Yet, I thought Jon would be on the Iron Throne, as he’s literally fire and blood combined…BUT my ideal ending would have been with Tyrion on the throne, really. I feel like he’d be wise enough to be a good ruler, also because he’s witnessed a lot of fucked up kings and queens before to know how not to behave.

Lara: Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Should those who seek power have it? Probably not. Did I really believe it would be her in the end? Up until season 7, I had hope.

If I couldn’t have Dany on the throne, Sansa would have been my second choice. She has lived through hell and contrary to what the writer’s would have us believe, she’s smarter, more resourceful, and more resilient than any abuser she has outlived. She’s stronger in spite of them, not because of them.

But in my heart, I’m still ride or die Daenerys. She deserved better.

Emmy: I was 100% behind Daenerys right up until this season started. Every time she gave someone their freedom, stood up for the little people, and basically had men shook, it filled me with such hope that she would be able to fulfill her destiny. Don’t get me wrong, I had a feeling she wouldn’t make it to take the Throne, especially with the Jon Snow reveal but I did have hope.

Thoughts on how it actually ended?

Melissa: Lame. It was so anticlimactic! I wanted the drama we all know and expect from this show! Even dany’s death was boring. I was left completely unsatisfied. So many things we learned about were pointless in the end. Buulllllshit. Everything was rushed AND YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY TELL.

Anna: Yeah, I feel the same way. It was lame, and there just was no emotion whatsoever. The whole season was like it, to be honest. It was way too rushed and besides the small bits of humor in it, it really was lame and I’m still unsatisfied by it. I expected a lot more.

Lara: We should have spent less time on long, beautiful shots (truly beautiful) and more time on the story. This was a rush job, and time was mismanaged. In the first two episodes, I worried that we were spending too much time on nostalgic meetups and not enough time on the plot. Now I know that to be true. We needed setup for Dany’s “descent into madness”. We needed to make a case for Bran, give him some sort of arc to suggest he was the best choice. You can’t just ask people to change their loyalties in the last two episodes. It’s not fair to the audience.

Emmy: Was I mad at everyone’s endings? Not exactly. Did I take issue with how they were delivered to us? Absolutely. We were robbed as an audience with the rushed pacing and rushed storylines. We could have easily been persuaded and convinced about Dany going mad if it hadn’t been so rushed through.

Bran? Really?

Melissa: This choice is the perfect embodiment of the “I guess” meme. Also, Bran having a better story than Sansa or Arya PLEASE. EVEN SAM’S STORY IS BETTER.

Anna: The fact that Bran also kept insisting that he was “something else” just doesn’t add up with the whole end. Why could he be king and not the Lord of Winterfell, when Sansa told him that he was just that? I feel like they just picked the one, no one would have guessed it to sit on the iron throne in the end, in order to ‘surprise’ the fans but they really just failed.

Lara: %~#$ ?&! BRAN?!

Anna makes an excellent point. Bran is literally something other than human at this point. He doesn’t want. He doesn’t exist purely in one timeline. Sure there are perks to crowning the Three Eyed Raven. But y’all, he literally dipset on his first meeting of state to warg hunt Drogon. I’m not saying I wouldn’t, given the power, but…priorities.

Emmy: I didn’t see this coming but also not 100% mad at it. Who better to give the Throne to than someone who doesn’t really want to be a leader per se but knows the details? That being said, it’s still crap that his build-up was better than the ladies.

What did you like best?

Melissa: SANSA STARK QUEEN OF WINTERFELL. And also the dragon burning the iron throne. And also that shot of dany with the wings was beautiful. That’s it? I think?

Anna: Yep, the moment Sansa was crowned had me cheering too. I also really liked how Brienne finished Jamie’s story in the book where all knights’ stories are written down in. And yesss the shot of Daenerys with the wings was gorgeous!

Lara: All hail Sansa of House Stark, Queen of the North. Really glad Arya didn’t die. The Dragon winged Dany scene was epic. Also, hats off to Emilia Clarke who had the toughest job this season. She showed up to work and I will remember her performance whether I liked the writing behind it or not.

Emmy: All of the Starks living for once is what I was living for. That poor family had it rougher than most during the entire show’s running. Was about to start a Deadpool for them this season honestly.


Melissa: How long do we have? No, I’ll be pretty simple about this. They didn’t have long to wrap everything up, and I just feel like there was so much wasted time this season, especially after episode 3. Things didn’t need to feel as rushed as they were. The writing was bad.

Anna: The small council meeting was literally a waste of time. Also who the hell made Bronn Master of Coin? Like no…that made the least sense of all of it. I also have to agree with Melissa. Everything was just too rushed and the writing was mostly quite bad. The first two or three episodes were still pretty good (not as good as the episodes before) but the last ones just weren’t even that good anymore. Such a shame.

Lara: I really don’t know where to begin. I was pretty angry that Brienne was updating Jaime’s wiki page, instead of inking her own tales of valor (or showing a shot of Poderick recording Brienne’s story). I felt like Dany’s rushed death was almost meaningless. It was over so quickly and happened so early on. How was that whole basement not reduced to rubble? Instead, it was just the precise area where Jaime and Cersei stood still to die.

And I’m sorry gang, it’s not that I don’t love Tyrion, but by all accounts, he helped usher the “Mad Queen” right into the heart of Kings Landing and every noble in Westeros is like “You pick the next King. Your judgement has been excellent thus far.” Seriously?

Emmy: Gendry not going off with Arya to sail the world but that is just my shipper heart talking right now. There should have been more of a build up to Dany’s death as well. She barely lived 20 mins into the finale.

Given what we now know what would you have rather seen happen in season 8?

Melissa: Maybe a little bit more done with the fact that Jon is a Targaryen? Like? That little tidbit of information was completely useless by the end? Realistically the number one thing I want changes from season 8 is Cersei’s death. It is SUCH A DISSERVICE to her character. I wanted Arya to kill her so badly, and I wanted it to be super vengeful the way it should have been.

Anna: There really was a twist missing. Like, there was no real shocker in this whole season, except maybe when Arya killed the Night King but other than that? There should have been more excitement and – I know it sounds horrible – but I felt like more people should have died. Not that I wanted anyone of them to die (I would have been devastated by it) but it all just felt like a fairytale in the end where everyone got a happy ending and it was lame.

Lara: I mean, I feel like a lot of my comments probably cover it. So, apart from what I’ve already said I think when you get down to it this season should have been all about the Battle at Winterfell. We should have spent a season on prep for that battle, the battle itself, and on working out the dynamic of having all these incredibly important characters working together. Build out the story. The season should have ended with Arya killing The Night King.

Emmy: Cersei should have died by Arya’s hand because that woman took so much from her so that’s one thing. Also, the canceling of Jaime’s redemption arc should not have been a thing happened. Additionally, I wanted Theon and Jorah to survive the Battle of Winterfell. It would have been nice to see Theon be able to support Sansa as the queen of the North. He could have been her Hand. Also, I feel like Jorah would have tried to stop Daenerys from going mad and lost his life for it, which would have been quite the twist.

What is one question you would love to ask the writers:

Melissa: Why rush the finale when HBO offered to give you the time and money for more episodes?

Anna: Same as Melissa, really. I know they had this number of episodes in their heads they thought GoT should have but really, they could have made a few more episodes and not rush things.

Lara: What was the point?

What was the point of Jon being Aegon Targaryen? He could have remained Jon Snow and still killed Dany, and still end up right back where he started.

What was the point of Bran being The Three Eyed Raven if he was just going to be another King on a throne? He could warg into animals! They did nothing with that. We still don’t know why he warged into those crows during the Night King’s assault on Winterfell.

What was the point of Arya learning to swap faces just to use the ability once on House Frey?

And that whole reveal of A Song Of Ice And Fire? Written by some Maester I’ve either completely forgotten about, or who was only briefly mentioned. C’mon now.

Emmy: Did you all kinda forget that you had a season to write and produce and scrambled last minute to put this together like a group project or something?

How much do you think GRRM’s story will differ from this ending?

Melissa: I mean…he knows what people don’t want I guess. I do think GRRM’s ending is going to be different in the long run just because he’s a better writer. He’s the only person who truly knows how this is going to end and if it ends up actually ending the way it did in the show you know it’s going to be handled better than David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and you’ll probably understand more…..if he ever finishes the damn series.

Anna: I haven’t read the books yet (I know, I KNOW) but I think his story will be more in depth than the last season has been and it won’t feel too rushed in the end. I’m not sure if the end will actually differ from the end of the show but it will definitely be more explained than in the show.

Lara: I agree with Melissa and Anna. I think Martin could write the exact same ending and the difference will be the care he puts into it, and the time he takes to get there.

Emmy: I feel like Martin will take parts of this ending but just make it better as Lara said.

Important question:


Melissa: They KNOW the fans of this show are going to notice this shit how did they not see these small things and get rid of them in post? It’s unacceptable for a show of this standard if i’m being honest. Like yeah, mistakes happen but this is the last season of the biggest show on the planet maybe be more careful about that?  

Anna: FOR REAL!!! They had all this time and that much money and did not see those things at all? It literally doesn’t make sense to me and like Melissa says, it is unacceptable.

Lara: As I said, as we’ve all said in one way or another: this was a rush job. Pretty insulting after such a lengthy hiatus, in the last season we’ll get with these characters.



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