4YE Glee 10 Years On: Storylines That Still Make Us Go WTF!

Over the course of its six years, Glee provided us with a number of extraordinary characters and storylines that had fans glued to their screens week after week. However, for all the storylines that the writers had us raving about, there were a number that they had us raging about. Those storylines that made us sit upright and scream “WTF!” at our TVs then immediately jump onto Twitter, Tumblr and the like to bitch, moan and complain. Thank God for fanfic having the ability to rectify these mistakes. Now in retrospect some of these storylines were paid off later, some worked in the grand scheme of things, but there are a number that still, many years later, make us scratch our heads wondering just what were the writers thinking. Here are just a few of those.

Terri Schuester’s fake pregnancy

How could that go on for so many episodes? How thick is Will Schuester not to question or notice? Why was this even a storyline?

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Quinn’s crazy antics trying to get Beth back

I still have no idea what the point of this storyline was. It didn’t serve Quinn’s character. It came absolutely out of no where and didn’t really go anywhere. Plus it was all suddenly dropped and she was fine with Shelby raising Beth again.

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Kurt not getting in NYADA first go, but Rachel did

Um excuse me?? Did Carmen Tibideaux not actually watch each of their auditions? Kurt absolutely killed it with “Not the Boy Next Door” and Rachel choked on “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. TWICE! She then goes and stalks and harasses Carmen until she comes to Chicago to watch their Nationals performance. There is no way Rachel would have gotten a second chance like that. Depending on the caliber of students auditioning, Kurt may not have got in, but between the two of them, based on auditions Kurt should have been the one getting that acceptance letter and Rachel should have been reapplying later in the year.

Blaine cheating on Kurt

As many know I am a Klaine fan, however, I also understand that actors like some juicy material to play with and without drama and conflict, characters can become boring and stale. However, this was not the way to go about a break up for Kurt and Blaine. Yes have a mature decision to break up or even take a break given they were going to be separated for at least year. Have them grow apart (maybe longer than a few weeks though) and decide to break up, but to have Blaine cheat and at this stage of their separation made absolutely no sense at all and was so out of character given the angst he went through in season 3 at Kurt leaving.

Klaine engagement and later wedding

I admit I loved both Blaine’s proposal and the actual wedding when it happened, but neither of the events, happening when they did, actually made any sense whatsoever. Both occur days after Kurt and Blaine have gotten back together, which always adds a slightly dark cloud and hint of doubt to both events. I still find it hard to believe that Kurt would be happy to get married in a barn in Indiana with nothing the way he would want it (save the groom and having Burt, Carole and his friends there). And after all his concerns when Rachel and Finn got engaged in high school, it was weird seeing him enter into an engagement not much older. Yes it was important to see both of these events but they could have been handled differently.

Rachel bored with Broadway

We were seriously meant to believe that after spending four and a bit seasons watching Rachel do everything she could to get on Broadway and not only get on Broadway but land her dream role (having absolutely no credits whatsoever either) that she gets sick and tired of having to do eight shows a week so quickly??? I didn’t buy it for one second, especially then throwing it all away to go out to LA for that TV series. As someone who could only dream about landing such an opportunity, this still riles me completely.


Really no more needs to be said here. Just that name and everyone immediately understands and would probably agree with me there.

The numerous storylines that were just suddenly dropped

Quinn’s paraplegia and long road to recovery following her texting and driving accident, Marley’s eating disorder, Ryder’s catfishing, Beiste’s domestic violence… all these were key storylines that were developed over several episodes and dealt with big issues that need to be addressed in today’s society, but none of them really got the resolution they deserved. They were often quickly wrapped up and then dropped never to be spoken of again. The same could be said of Karofsky’s suicide attempt and the school shooting.

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