Zendaya’s HBO Series Euphoria Gets A Premiere Date And Teaser

Credit: HBO

Zendaya is definitely a major talent to watch in Hollywood.

Big screens or small, indie or blockbuster, starring or guest spot, this 22-year-old actress, activist, and singer has done more in her career than most people. She has pretty much consistently rocked it across the board as well.

After we applauded her for her stunning guest stint on the second season of The OA (even if we don’t quite understand that show), it’s time to look at her next big project, her HBO series, Euphoria.

The first teaser and release date for the series was released on Thursday (April 11th). It definitely promises something moody and atmospheric.

The show, based on the 2012 Israeli series of the same name, tells the story of 17-year-old Rue (Zendaya), who is a lying drug addict. Audiences listen to her story of “sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship”.

The series also stars Maude Apatow (Girls), Eric Dane (The Last Ship) and Sydney Sweeney (Sharp Objects)

In the promo, Rue says as we sees clips of hers (and other characters’) emotional highs and lows over the 10-episode season, “I promise you, if I could be a different person, I would. Not because I want it, but because they do.”

We already want to watch the series based off of 40 seconds. Imagine what we would do with an actual episode?

Check out the teaser below.

Euphoria will premiere on Sunday, June 16th.

Bec Heim

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