WonderCon 2019: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Teases Mayhem, More Action, and More Tears in Season 2

Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/Freeform

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is back for a second season, but with a dangerous new foe. Mayhem is coming and she will be unlike anything Tandy and Tyrone have ever faced. At WonderCon 2019, we sat down with the cast and executive producers to talk about what’s to come in season 2, the relationship between Tyrone and Tandy, and what to expect from Mayhem.

For starters, season 2 is a lot more physical and action-packed, especially for Emma Lahana’s Brigid. In the season 1 finale, it seemed like Brigid had met a very sad end, but she’s back in season 2. However, she’s not the friend and protector that Tyrone and Tandy remember. In season 1 “she put her own job and life on the line to help [Tyrone] and that, obviously, didn’t necessarily go very well,” Lahana said. But in season 2 that relationship will flip, said actor Aubrey Joseph, and Tyrone especially will take on a protective role in regards to Brigid.

To portray Brigid’s transformation, Lahana spent a month training in Krav Maga and gun training. She also looked into fight or flight responses and portrayed Mayhem as much stronger, bigger, and fearless.

“In season 2, you’ll find a sort of Jekyll and Hyde situation going on between Brigid and Mayhem,” Lahana said. “Brigid is dealing with the aftermath of what happened in season 1… there’s this other side of her that she can’t really deny anymore that is essentially just filled with rage.”

There’s nothing to hold Mayhem back and she’ll go “pretty dang far”, according to Lahana, to get revenge and do what she wants. The emergence of Mayhem will upend Tyrone and Tandy’s world. Eight months have passed between seasons, an intentional time jump, executive producer, Joe Pokaski says, to coincide with how long it’s been for viewers in between seasons. In that time, Tyrone and Tandy have tried to find some normalcy but it’s not meant to last. “They’re uncomfortable in their comfort and then we blow things up,” Pokaski said.

“If season 1 was about answering the call and deciding to become heroes,” he continued, “now the big question is, ‘what kind of heroes are we going to be?’”

“I think both Tandy and Tyrone have a lot of big lessons to learn this season,” said Olivia Holt, who portrays Tandy. They’ll be learning those lessons while the show continues addressing hard-hitting issues of the day. Season 1 includes stories about police brutality, suicide, and sexual assault and season 2 will continue in that vein by tackling human trafficking.

“They’re really there to help people who can’t help themselves,” executive producer, Jeph Leob, said. “And in many ways, they’re there to help each other.”

Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/Freeform

The closeness between Tandy and Tyrone has caused many viewers to hope for something more between the characters. But Joseph thinks that may be undercutting what the show is already portraying.

“A lot of people want them to be more intimate but I think the beauty of season 1 was just the fact that they were dedicated to being there for one another more so than a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It was about being that one person that cares enough to check on you and cares enough to help you in whatever way you need,” he said. “That companionship is something we see in film and television but not so much with a young, black male and a young, white female.”

Their bond is one of the main reasons viewers tune in week after week and it dials straight into the audience’s emotions. In season 2, Pokaski said they provided emotionally hurdles that are “bigger and more challenging” for the pair. And with those comes growth for Tyrone and Tandy, individually and together.

“I think everyone is going to be really excited to see how they grow, not just physically but emotionally,” Holt said.

That also means viewers better be ready with a box of tissues. “At the end of episode 8, if you don’t cry, you might be a robot,” Pokaski said.

But the biggest challenge in season 2 was getting the budget to live up to their ambition. “We’re telling bigger stories with bigger scope,” Pokaski said. “When Tyrone knows how to use his powers and Tandy starts getting angry and creating light bombs, all of a sudden things get a little more expensive.”

That probably means it gets even more awesome to watch. Season 2 of Cloak & Dagger premieres on Thursday, April 4, on Freeform.

Stephanie Coats