What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Randall And Beth To Be An “Even Better Team” In This Is Us Season 4

Credit: NBC

This Is Us has always enjoyed toying with our emotions. Very rarely do you get through an entire episode without letting out at least a little sob, though more often a nice cathartic cry. However, through it all, we’ve always seen the power of love and the strength that can give both individually and as a unit to various couples. Apart from Jack and Rebecca, it is Randall and Beth who have shown us this, but this past season our belief in happily-ever-afters and love conquering all was rattled as we watched this power couple slowly self-destruct.

Luckily our faith was restored right at the last moment in the season 3 finale when Randall and Beth reconciled. Not to mention that the flash-forward, definitely put our hearts at ease. With this awful season behind them, how will the troubles from the past 18 episodes affect them going forward? From the sound of things, they are going to come out stronger.

Heading into season 4, Randall and Beth are going to be “an even better team,” promises co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker speaking to TVLine. “By [surviving] this fight they’ve reached this new status-quo that’s hopefully a lot healthier, where Beth isn’t constantly swallowing a piece of herself to let Randall have these big dreams,” he adds.

While we are certainly looking forward to seeing this new dynamic, Aptaker is just as eager to write for them. “I’m excited to write them in Season 4 in a way where they’re even in a healthier and more equal place as partners.”

Our season 3 happy ending, however, could have ended very differently. There was a heated “debate” among the writers concerning just which direction to take the couple. Luckily for us, they had as much faith in Randall and Beth as the viewers do. “Ultimately we really do believe that this is a couple that would come through this kind of chapter,” revealed EP Elizabeth Berger. “It was really important for us to show that even the best of marriages [have] these difficult and horrible chapters, but you can walk through to the other side.”

After a tumultuous season we have earned a little breather. This Is Us season 4 will return late this year.

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