This Week’s Episode Of Arrow Bids Farewell To Its “Lost Canary”

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This week on Arrow, the Canaries take center stage. With Laurel facing murder allegations Felicity and Dinah are trying to locate their missing friend – and they bring in the big guns to bring Laurel back. But “Lost Canary” asks – which side does Laurel actually belong to, and can she be redeemed? Is she truly a hero or a villain?

After Laurel has found herself facing charges for her work with Ricardo Diaz and the alleged murder of Gustavo Hernandez, the Black Siren has gone back to her bad gal ways. And she does so by pairing up with an old friend – Shadow Thief. Together they rob a money launderer hidden behind a dry cleaning business which catches the attention of the police.

In the meantime, Laurel ignores Felicity’s insistent calls, who is desperate to get in touch with the woman she believed to be her friend. Dinah on the other hand counts Laurel as beyond redemption and questions whether she is able to change at all. Felicity gets the last laugh when she finds evidence that Emiko framed Laurel for the murder on Hernandez, but Dinah remains sceptical as Black Siren continues to operate.

Felicity forces a screen-to-screen conversation with Laurel, but the other woman claims their friendship was merely an act and threatens Felicity not to come after her. Dinah interferes with Laurel’s next heist, this time with support by the original Canary. Sara Lance has taken a break from time-traveling to set her sister-from-another-earth straight, but even with a device mimicking a canary cry they are unsuccessful, and Black Siren vanishes.

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Sara finds Laurel visiting Quentin’s grave and tells her about the time she cheated with her sister’s boyfriend, let her family believe she was dead and became an assassin. Sara tells her that no one will ever be as good as the original Laurel, but that even she could be redeemed.

Sara’s and Felicity’s words seem to finally have gotten through to Laurel, who, during her next heist, turns on her partner. Together the women take Shadow Thief and her backup plan, a bunch of masked mercenaries, down.

Afterwards, over a bottle of Prosecco, Laurel declares that she plans on leaving to taking control of her life back on Earth 2. Before she leaves Felicity gifts her Laurel’s original Black Canary suit for her to take and honor. She also hands Dinah the device Sara used to mimic the canary cry before returning home for a well-deserved night in with her husband.

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With the women of Team Arrow occupied, Oliver and Diggle take a trip to look into a lead on Emiko, who disappeared after turning on her brother. Instead of her the duo find one of the Longbow Hunters, Bear, who claims he was hired by an anonymous source linked to a bank account in Switzerland, which Oliver connects to Dante.

The flash-forwards to 2040 show Mia and Zoe come face-to-face with a man wearing the newly transformed Archer mask which is said to be able to take out all vigilantes. While Mia wants to attack Zoe commands to take a more precautious approach, and they return to the base of operations unharmed.

There they learn that 10 canaries have been killed, and five more are considered missing, so the devices have proven effective. Upset that Dinah is unwilling to go after Galaxy One head-on, Mia decides to pursue them on her own. She runs into trouble and just as she is about to be defeated, she is saved by the Black Canary, Laurel Lance.

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Arrow does female-led team-ups very well, and “Lost Canary” is another example of that. Seeing Felicity, Laurel, Dinah and Sara (who is such a lovely surprise-addition) handle themselves with ease and an unbelievable grace certainly feels empowering. This episode was filled with genuine emotions and more character growth than we’ve seen in a long while. This is what  we need more of on Arrow – a focus on characters we want to see more of (both in relation to screen time and depth of character).

While it is difficult to believe that this is the last we might see of Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, at least they were able to send off the character in a way that leaves no interpretation on which side Black Siren truly believes on. She has clearly taken her experiences on Earth 1 to heart and continues to honor the suit, and the legacy, she was given, no matter which Earth she finds herself on.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle continue looking into the connection between Emiko and Dante – as if anyone really cares. It’s a jumbled up story line that feels oddly disconnected to the characters it should affect and needs to wrap itself up rather sooner than later. Thank u, next.

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Favorite Lines:

Sara: You’ve come a long way from the IT girl secretly crushing on Oliver Queen.
Felicity: Apparently it wasn’t much of a secret, everybody knew. Zero poker face. I always wondered, you know, were you flirting with me all those times you said I was cute?
Sara: Why, were you into it?
Felicity: Of course, it’s you.

Laurel: You came back for me.
Dinah: We are only as strong as we are together, something I didn’t realised until just now.
Sara: We are pretty badass together.
Felicity: Yeah, like Birds of Justice. 

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