The DC TV Mix: 4YE’s Post-Show Chat On Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, And Legends Of Tomorrow

Hello DC TV fans! Welcome back to another week of 4 Your Excitement‘s The DC TV Mix.

Every week, we discuss the highs and lows of the CW line-up of DC TV shows: Arrow, Black Lightning, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow. So if you’re a fan of all five of these shows, then definitely give us a listen.

For the next coming weeks, however, we are changing up the format as time constraints at the moment don’t give us much room to record so we are going to discuss our thoughts in a roundtable post until the end of May, where we’ll return to our regular format.

The DC TV Mix is presented by Editor-In-Chief Erika Rivera and Senior Editor (plus The Flash, Black Lightning, and Supergirl recapper) Bec Heim.

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Without further ado, here’s our breakdown of the week!

Top Performer

  • Arrow:
    • Emmy: My vote goes to Emily Betts Rickards. We as a fandom have been processing her departure from the show for the past few weeks, and the past few episodes of Arrow have been basically her showing us why we are going to be missing her so much. Rickards’ Felicity is the heart of the show and her performance is always stellar.
  • Supergirl
    • Bec: Melissa Benoist is pretty much the series’ MVP. She got a chance to nail it again this week. From Kara’s stubbornness over helping people to her realizing that she can take Lex down in a different way, it was very much a journey for her. The whole series is focused on her superheroics, but with the country thinking she turned traitor? She has to handle things differently and it will be interesting to see Kara Danvers take the lead on saving the day.
  • The Flash:
    • Emmy: Grant Gustin gets it for me for this week. He crushed it when he found out the truth about Nora and just the fallout from that situation has given Gustin so much to process and act out for us.He’s always good in key emotional scenes.
    • Bec: Jessica Parker Kennedy had to, essentially, hold a whole episode by herself. Though I think that “Cause and XS” was her best performance of the season, seeing her origin was fun and interesting. I also enjoy seeing how similar to she and Barry really are because she clearly studied Gustin and incorporated some of his traits into Nora. 
  • Legends of Tomorrow:
    • Emmy: Tala Ashe has been killing it lately since the Legends have returned to the screen. I’ve always been kinda on the fence with Zari but these past few episodes have been great and it has to do with Tala’s performances.
    • Bec: Seconded on Tala though I’ve been Team Zari since “Here We Go Again”. But our fave boy, Matt Ryan, had a great five minutes at the end of the episode. From where his own reflection (Neron?) taunted him with wanting the company in Hell to his stoic horror at seeing Neron wearing Des, it was something truly heartbreaking.

Top Episode

  • Emmy: Arrow’s “Lost Canary” aka the Birds of Prey episode. It was so fantastic to have Sara getting to work with Dinah and Laurel as the Canaries of the universe. It gave Black Siren some redemption and actually made me kind of like her, despite the criminal thief angle.
  • Bec: Supergirl’s “Crime and Punishment” continues a strong run of episodes leading into the finale. While not a lot of stuff happened in the episode, it does show what happens when you do a lot of character work. From James dealing with PTSD to Brainy’s moral quandary over deleting the anti-alien registry to Alex trying to get Haley on her side to Kara and Lena wrestling with Lex’s ghost on Stryker’s, it’s honestly all great.

Top Moment

  • Emmy: The three Canaries doing the damn thing in one episode. I’m so wanting a Birds of Prey series/spinoff.
  • Bec: Legends of Tomorrow’s musical number was everything I needed and more out of life. Supergirl also gave us a truly awesome hallway fight scene, which was an excellent example of how Kara adjusts her abilities to face her foes. Not as great as Daredevil, but pretty damn good for network TV.

Most Disappointing

  • Emmy: Because I haven’t had the time to express my sadness about Emily leaving Arrow, I shall do so now.I really cannot fathom how they are going to write off Felicity, and it makes me rather hesitant about wanting to finish out the series because I don’t see how it will work without Oliver having his backbone/moral compass.
  • Bec: Let’s wave to the dumbasses of the week, the humans who thought it was a good idea to a) fire a gun at Supergirl and b) try to fight her. I know everyone thinks that she’s a traitor and tempers always run high, but, like, think for a minute. She lasers from her eyes and is bulletproof. And you think you’re .38 can handle her? Please. Also, Barry on The Flash needs to stop making executive decisions without informing the team, like sending Nora off to the future and tell her to never come back. It’s Team Flash, not Barry and the Flashettes. That needs a vote.


Bec Heim