Taylor Swift Drops New Single “ME!” With Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie

credits: Universal Records

The secret behind Taylor Swifts countdown was revealed. On Twitter and Instagram the singer mentioned “4.26”, which was a strong clue for her fans to expect something to happen on the 26th of April. Now we know – it is a new single called “ME!” featuring Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. The new song is the first single off of her upcoming seventh studio album.

Of course, a brand new song needs a music video as well. The music video is colorful, includes cats, a range of different outfits, and Brendon Urie flying through the air. It is like a four minute visit to Wonderland.

Within the first 18 hours, the video reached over 32 million view with a positive fan reaction. The world is head over heels for Taylor and as the singer already mentioned there are a bunch of easter eggs in the video.

This could be some of them:

End Of Reputation Era

The first thing you can see in the video is a snake moving over the floor. The snake was a strong symbol of Swift’s last album, Bad Reputation. Before the song “ME!” starts, the snake bursts into butterflies that have warm and pastel colors. It’s one of the more obvious easter eggs, but still: Bye, bye Reputation.

Taylor’s New Cat

Before the release of the music video Swift said in a live chat with her fans that “There’s a secret in the video I’ve been keeping in for months—let’s see who can guess it.” In the video, there is a scene in which Brendon Urie offers Taylor flowers and then an engagement ring. She rejects both. The next gift to her by Urie is a little kitten and she not only accepts it. She seemes like the happiest girl on the planet. Every cat loving person can relate to it. Was that a hint? Sure thing for some people: Taylor has a new cat.


There is a scene in the video in which Taylor is sitting on a roof, shortly before Brendon Urie comes flying from above to join her. In the background, there is the word “Lover” written in neon pink on a building. This could be an easter egg. Some think it could be the title of another song or the name of her new album. If that is the case we will find out soon enough.

The Umbrella Thing

Brendon Urie flies through the air with an umbrella, landing on a roof next to Taylor Swift. It has a a few Mary Poppins vibes for sure, especially because of all the colors. Fans are convinced – it represents the game Fortnite. There are two strong arguments supporting this theory.

Urie is a passionate Fortnite gamer and he isn’t the only person gliding down. It’s similar to the beginning of a Fortnite match when 100 players jump down on the island at the same time. It could also be parallel line to Panic! At The Disco’s music video “Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)”. In the music video for it, Urie is gliding down from the air to the streets with an umbrella as well.


There is a lot more to find and a lot more easter eggs in discussion between fans. Some of these easter eggs are more speculation then proof-able references. At the end, it is a music video. We are talking about Taylor Swift. It’s unlikely that there are any coincidences.

This is an awesome kick off for Taylor Swift’s next album and it only gets better. Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie will perform their new song together at this years Billboard Music Awards. Are you excited? What do you think about “ME!”?