Nora Mounts A Heist In “Gone Rogue” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, things were a little dicey in the WestAllen household. Iris was pissed that Barry took Nora back to the future without telling her. So she went to go get her daughter with the help of Ralph and the Time Sphere. She found Nora with Eobard, who was teaching her how to use the Negative Force (the source of his own powers). Nora tapped into her darker emotions to access it with Iris’ visit bringing up anger at Barry not loving her. Barry and Iris both talked things out that night, apologizing to each other, and deciding to bring their wayward daughter home.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and her mother were kidnapped by Icicle, who planned on using a cryo-atomizer in order to suppress their human sides while putting their ice personalities in control. Thomas was able to defeat his evil ice personality when Caitlin was in danger, but died protecting his daughter from Cicada II. Future!Grace has stolen both her past self and the atomizer, so whatever’s happening there is probably gonna suck.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Dark XS: Nora infiltrates and attacks the servers at G. Simone and Associates. She then goes to a new building, but Gideon says she cannot enter it alone. Barry and the rest of Team Flash are looking for Nora while Ralph and Sherloque look for Grace. The team offers to let Caitlin take more time to grieve. Ralph offers to help Caitlin look for the atomizer while Sherloque joins Team Flash. Barry gets called to the architecture firm. Ralph and Caitlin prepare to go to the Arctic. Sherloque wants to break-up with Earth-1 Renee Adler. Cisco is scared about telling Kamilla that he’s a meta. Iris finds out that the firm has been working with an anonymous client. Barry looks over the server saying it was a lightning strike. Cisco tracks negative tachyons and everyone realizes Nora has tapped into negative power. At an old garage, Joss, Brie, and Peter (I forgot how creepy he was) arrive having been summoned by Nora.

Team-Up: The others aren’t just going to team-up with Nora. They’re ready to listen. She wants their help to get around a meta-dampener at a military tech firm to get some weapons. Said weapons will go on the black market for a million easy. They just need to rob the Flash. Caitlin and Ralph go into her dad’s lab, where Cicada II broke in. Caitlin shares that Killer Frost hasn’t been dealing well since Thomas’ death. Cecile figures out that a heist is happening, but Iris thinks that Nora is working for Thawne. Iris is trying to figure out why Nora hasn’t come to them for help. Barry worries over his daughter as he scans for negative tachyons. The team breaks into the STAR Labs archives where Nora is grabbing the metatech cell phone. At STAR Labs, Rag Doll breaks in. Barry tries to talk with his daughter, apologize, ask her to come her if she stops working with Thawne. Nora starts vibrating and her eyes turn red as she unleashes the maelstrom of negative feelings. She screams that she hates him as she runs away.

Bad: Barry tells Iris and Cecile about what happened with Nora and that her lightning went red. Thawne has gotten to her. They also have the STAR Labs break-in flashing on the laptop. Nora’s running a crew, which has captured Cisco and Sherloque. They just wanted Cisco to hack into Spencer’s phone. Nora threatens Cisco with pulling out his heart ala Thawne to get him to work on it. Sherloque reveals to the team in his apologize to Nora about the Flash being her dead. Caitlin realized that Future!Grace stole something to help young Grace. She asks Ralph why he’s focusing on the team so much, using the Book of Ralph. He tells her that it never worked for him. He’s not “built for love” and that’s okay. Caitlin tells him that he deserves love with someone who loves him back. Future!Grace also stole the prototypes of the meta-human cure. Cisco and Sherloque talk about relationship problems with Renee and Kamilla. He asks Cisco if he really, really wants to be Vibe. Cecile, Iris, Joe, and Barry reveal that the weapon’s manufacturer has created metatech. Barry wants to bring her in, but Iris doesn’t want to treat her daughter like a villain. Iris tells Barry that she thinks Thawne has changed. Maybe Nora has somehow redeemed Thawne.

Trust: Joss confronts Nora, who takes off her mask and talks about her father issues. Joss, who knows from bad parents, tells Nora about her own terrible upbringing. Peter and Brie also know from bad parents. Cisco finishes his work on the phone. Brie summons her bees to keep on an eye on Cisco and Sherloque and hypnotizes them. Joe goes to see Barry, agreeing with his point of view. He also understands where Iris is coming. There’s a difference between the law and being a parent. Joe doesn’t trust Thawne, but he trusts Nora. They need to trust her if they want her to come home. Cisco gave the phone spotty reception in addition to his other tricks. Sherloque breaks Cisco and himself from the cuffs. Cisco vibes a breach to eat up the pies. Joss, Peter, Nora, and Brie arrive at the weapons company. Nora, Joss, and Brie take out the guards before heading to the Forge. They send Peter in to open the door for the inside. He makes it through and opens the door for them. Joss and Brie turn on Nora, now powerless with the dampener, last moment.

Betrayal: Joss and Brie broadcast, threatening to kill the workers and XS, in return for Barry outing his identity. Joss betrayed Silver Ghost when Barry (actually Sherloque as Barry). Barry, Iris, and Joe drop their disguises. Brie protects the meta-dampener. Iris and Joe fight Peter with Iris delivering a one two punch that literally twists Peter’s head around. It’s not going super well. Cisco kills Brie’s bees and Joss throws lightning at them. Luckily, Barry jumps between Nora and the lightning and it destroys the dampener. Nora and Barry have a moment together. After that? They tie up Brie and Joss. The Young Rogues have been re-arrested. Nora planned to steal the weapons back from the team. She also wasn’t planning on killing Cicada. What she wanted was a weapon to destroy Cicada II’s dagger. Nora thought that Barry hated her and had to stay in a bad headspace. Barry, however, wants to follow Thawne’s plan. Cicada is the more immediate threat. He doesn’t believe Thawne, but he believes in his daughter. Barry apologizes to Nora. Caitlin plans on unleashing the failed prototypes to weaponize them, killing all metahumans. Future!Grace works on her weapon while reciting a poem with a ghost of her dead uncle.

Bec Heim