Melissa McCarthy And Octavia Spencer To Become Superheroes


While we are all over here fan-girling about Captain Marvel and waiting for Avengers: Endgame, there’s another superhero movie of a different kind waiting in the wings.

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are apparently in talks to create a superhero comedy Thunder Force for Netflix.

The news has come from two reliable sources, EW and Deadline.

Thunder Force will be a feature length film rather than a series and will be written and directed by Ben Falcone. Falcone is married to McCarthy and the pair have frequently collaborated on projects, such as Tammy, Life of The Party and The Boss

Falcone and McCarthy are also producing the film, alongside Marc Platt, who has worked on Mary Poppins Returns and La La Land to name just a few.

While details on the plot are not currently available, it is believed the story will focus on McCarthy and Spencer’s characters getting superpowers. No other casting has been announced, but with these two in the lead it would be hoped some more big names join them.

The two women are powerhouses within Hollywood and this will be the first time they have appeared on screen together. While McCarthy has made her name in comedy with a slew of films from Bridesmaids to Ghostbusters, Spencer is also no stranger to comedy, from her appearance in the series Mom to a well delivered line in even her more serious roles such as Hidden Figures.

We will next see McCarthy on screen in the The Kitchen, touted as a “gangster wife drama” as well as another outing with her husband in sci-fi comedy Superintelligence. Spencer will be giving everyone a fright in the Tate Taylor film Ma alongside Luke Evans and in the drama series Truth Be Told.

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