Lucifer Unveils Season 4 Premiere Date In New Teaser (And Is It Getting Hot In Here?)

Credit: Netflix

Ever since Netflix played the White Knight and saved Lucifer from near permanent cancellation after Fox played Thanos and axed Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both have been enjoying their new homes even if the move to Netflix was surprising to relieved fans. (Netflix saved the show at the last minute and wasn’t even being named as a major contender for saving the series.)

With a 10-episode fourth season, Lucifer fans have been waiting with bated breath for when it would drop. The cast and crew have been frustratingly vague on that front.

Until Wednesday, April 10th, when we got an announcement and a new teaser trailer. Oh boy, we can certainly say that Netflix knows what the fans wants. It is the thirst trap to end all thirst traps.

A very nearly naked Lucifer (Tom Ellis) arising from a pool of water? Yes. Just yes. Good job, Netflix. A+ work. We are thirsty and here and goddamn Ellis looks great.

Seriously, we know it’s a thirst trap. Yet, we’re still like this.

Credit: Giphy

So what have we gleaned from the announcement?

Lucifer will drop it’s fourth season on May 8th, which is, according to one eagle-eyed fan, 666 hours from when the teaser dropped.

In addition to the teaser, we also received a poster for the series. Lucifer with the top of his face shadowed and what looks like more leathery wings coming from his back.

Credit: Netflix

Both the trailer and the poster have the tagline “He Is Risen”. They’re not wrong.

Lucifer season four will be released on May 8th.

Bec Heim