Legends Of Tomorrow Digs Into An “Egg MacGuffin” In New Synopsis

Credit: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow‘s returns has brought this weird and wonderful show back into our lives. We couldn’t be happier about it.

Of course, as we are in the back-half of the fourth season, it’s time to move the plot points to their inevitable conclusion. For the April 29th episode, “Egg MacGuffin”, it sounds like the writers are getting their ducks in a row for us all.

IT’S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS — While Ray (Brandon Routh) is worried about Nora (Courtney Ford), he is suddenly faced with his own problem that forces him to do the unthinkable. Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) are stuck in an awkward limbo, so Sara (Caity Lotz) devises a plan to send them on an easy mission together. Meanwhile, Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) are approached with a lucrative offer that could upend their lives. Jes Macallan, Matt Ryan and Ramona Young also stars. Chris Tammaro directed the episode written by James Eagan & Tyron B. Carter.

It sounds like Neron (Christian Keyes) will approaching Charlie and Rory. Given the other times Rory turned against the team, we’re hoping that he doesn’t turn against them. Again. Charlie, however, is a relatively new element. So it will be interesting to see her tempted.

It also looks like they’re still moving forward with the Nate and Zari romance plot? We still think it came out of nowhere, but, well, we’ll see how it goes. The more established Ray and Nora romance, however, will be interesting. Just what will push our favorite Eagle Scout to the do “the unthinkable”?

Also, we will be going to McDonalds at some point?

Legends, you leave us with more questions than answers as always.

“Egg MacGuffin” will air on Monday, April 29th at 8/7c on the CW. Legends of Tomorrow returns with a new episode on Monday at the same time and place.

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