Latest Men In Black: International Trailer Shows More Of The Globetrotting Shenanigans

Credit: Sony

Who knows if we’ll see Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth grace the MCU with their presences again after¬†Avengers: Endgame? (Seriously, though, don’t tell us.)

The winning duo has another franchise where fans can see them work together, Men in Black: International. Directed by F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious), this spin-off series to the franchise popularized by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith will be released this summer.

Thompson plays the newest agent to MiB, Agent M, who is partnered up with Hemsworth’s veteran Agent H. Agent M, formerly Molly, is a long believer of the organization who discovers it and bullied her way into a job interview with Agent O (Emma Thompson).

What follows is a “globetrotting adventure” as Agents H and M battle the Hive, a collective that can take the shape of anyone (even Men in Black agents). In the newest trailer, fans see more of Liam Neeson as the Head of MIB London. We also get our first look at Kumail Nanjiani’s CG character, Pawny. Pawny has the correct reaction to being in Thompson’s presence by worshipping her as the queen she is.

The film also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Rafe Spall, and twins Laurent Bourgeois and Larry Bourgeois.

Check out the trailer below.

Men In Black: International hits theatres on June 14th.

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