It’s Family Drama For The West-Allens And The Snows In “Snow Pack” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we learned Nora’s origin and why she started working with Thawne in the first place. The episode ended with Barry taking Nora back to the future and telling her not to come back. Why? Because he doesn’t trust her anymore. Granted, we know that Barry has a huge rage blindspot when it comes to Thawne. He really needs to stop making big decisions like that without talking to the team first.

Needless to say, it’s going to be fun this week on the show.

Let’s see the family drama unfold, shall we?

Arguments: Iris and Barry argue about him taking Nora to the future. She’s pissed that he’s making decisions based on his emotions, damn what she thinks. Both of them try to make each other see their side of the argument. He feels like Thawne is manipulating Nora, but Iris doesn’t see it. Barry thinks Iris is making her decision based on emotion and vice versa. Nora goes to see Thawne in the future, crying over what happened. She realizes that no one felt Thawne run into the Speed Force, hundreds of times. Thawne said that instead of tapping into the Speed Force to access his powers, he created his own. Nora wants to know how to access it, but Thawne tells her it’s a bit negative. Barry returns to the Cortex and tells everyone that Nora is back in the future. Everyone is still pissed at Sherloque. Ralph is going to go grab up the Cicada II files. Caitlin asks Barry if he’s okay. Meanwhile, Future!Grace kidnapped herself. Totally logical. That’s not the worst of it. Dr. Carla Tannhauser continues to work when Icicle arrives and kills a security guard. He’s not looking great with dark lines around his face. Carla hides, while Icicle steals a device and walks out.

Iced: Barry and Joe look through the crime scene together. Joe asks about Iris, but Barry is giving her space. Carla and Caitlin have a huge fight over Thomas and Icicle. She find out what was stolen: a cryo-atomizer. Cecile and Ralph work the Cicada II case together. Iris writes an angry letter to Barry. Cecile gives Iris some advice, telling her that she and Barry need to work it together. Iris gets an idea and leaves with Cecile telling Ralph to go after her. Iris goes to Gideon to ask about using the Time Sphere. She can use it but needs to do it undetected. Ralph followed her to the Time Room and offers his help. In the future, Thawne trains Nora in using the Negative Force. She almost got into it, but it closes last minute. Iris locks and loads the Sphere with Ralph opening the breach. He runs and joins Iris as they go back to the future. Caitlin talks about how the atomizer can plunge Central City into a new Ice Age. She and Carla have a disagreement over how to track Icicle. Icicle arrives to attack his wife and daughter. Joe and Barry are knocked out while Icicle kidnaps mother and daughter.

Negatives: Sherloque prepares to leave when he gets the alert about Barry’s heart rate is dropping. Together, he and Joe work to save Barry’s life, giving him a literal jolt. Barry wants to go after Caitlin and Carla, but Sherloque and Joe stop him. He needs a moment. Caitlin wakes up next to her mother at another decommissioned Tannhauser site. Carla and Caitlin disagree on them working together. Caitlin asks her mother why she kept her distance and left her. Carla said that Caitlin left her first. Icicle arrives and takes a blood sample from Caitlin. Carla figures out what Icicle wants: an ice family. Ralph and Iris break into Iron Heights to go see Nora. Ralph knocks out the guard and tosses him into a nearby cell. Thawne tells Nora that he’s not harboring enough rage to access the Negative Force. Iris asks Nora to step away from Eobard. She tries to talk with her daughter, but only makes Nora angrier. (Damn, she is Barry’s daughter.) Iris makes it possible for Nora to access the Negative Force, which has her relive her worse moments. The yellow in Nora’s lightning is overtaken by red and she screams.

United: Eobard tells Iris that the only way that she and Barry can help Nora is to do it as a family. They need to present a united front with their daughter. Ralph arrives to get Iris and they have to go. Carla asks Caitlin about Killer Frost. Caitlin shares that it was a process, but now she has a family with her other half. Caitlin and Carla then have a mother-daughter moment. Icicle arrives to get Carla for the procedure. At the Cortex, Barry is feeling a bit frayed. Sherloque suggests finding a cold spot for Icicle to mask his signature with. Barry retasks the satellite. Carla begs Icicle not to change her, trying to reach Thomas. But he pulls the switch.

Snow: Carla’s transformation is nearing completion. Killer Frost arrives, having broken free of the cuffs. Icicle breaks the lever on the device, saying it’s saving Carla or fighting him. Barry arrives at the right moment. Killer Frost goes to fight Icicle while Barry saves Carla. Sherloque and Joe are trying to figure something out when Iris and Ralph arrive. Together, they figure out a plan for Barry to hold onto his lightning in order to phase Carla out. Barry is able to grab Carla and warm her up. Killer Frost and Icicle continue their fight, in some pretty impressive TV CGI. Icicle stabs Caitlin, commenting on what a waste this was. He prepares to kill her, but Thomas wakes up enough to stop him. He takes control of his body, greeting his daughter as Caitlin hugs him close. The pair return to an awake Carla and Barry. Thomas thinks that Icicle is gone which is when Cicada II arrives. She knocks out Barry and declares that she has monsters to kill. Killer Frost and Cicada II fight in the lab, but Cicada II overpowers Killer Frost. Cicada II throws her dagger, but Thomas jumps between it and Caitlin. Cicada II grabs the cryo-atomizer and leaves just as Barry wakes up. Thomas slowly dies from his injuries, promising to always love Caitlin and Carla and that family shouldn’t leave family.

Family: Caitlin is spending time with her mother. Team Flash doesn’t know why Cicada II will want the cryo-atomizer. Iris declares that she’s going back to the loft with Barry, they need to talk. Carla and Caitlin reminisce together over the periodic table Caitlin made with her dad. She reaches out to her mother, which is a lovely step forward. The test Caitlin ran, meanwhile, turns white, meaning there is meta-DNA in her mother. Ralph goes to visit Sherloque, who is busy packing. He thinks that Sherloque should stay, maybe he is part of the family after all. At the loft, Iris and Barry talk about her adventures in the future. She admits that Barry was right about Thawne manipulating Nora, but also says Thawne may have been right. Barry apologizes to Iris, repeating Thomas’ final words. She and Barry need to stick together and bring their kid home. She also tells Barry that she thinks Thawne may care for Nora. Nora, meanwhile, arrives in the past with the demon-red glowy eyes. Future!Grace returns to her present self, promising her “soon”.

Bec Heim