It’s (An Innocent) Supergirl Against The World In “Crime And Punishment” On This Week’s Episode

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans! Happy Easter or Passover to those who celebrate.

Last time we gathered, there were some major, major shake-ups. Lex’s plan continues to move unabated. He was able to threaten Senators to get the votes needed to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. Ben Lockwood remains in the dark as to his status as a puppet, though James hinted at it. Red Daughter attacked the White House as Supergirl, making the real Kara public enemy number one. Also the US is under martial law. There’s some hope. Those who actually know Supergirl such as Alex, Lena, and even Colonel Haley know she’s innocent.

J’onn, unfortunately, remains largely in the dark about such things He went back to Mars to bury the Scared Symbols of his religion after renouncing his vow of peace. (In actuality, David Harewood needed prep time to direct his episode of the show.) James, meanwhile, admits that he has PTSD and asks Kelly to stay.

Let’s see with happen with Supergirl as Public Enemy Number One, shall we?

Enemy: Everyone watches the address from President Baker, who declares a sundown curfew. Those who know Supergirl are standing by her. Kara, however, will not be deterred from helping people. Of course, people are attacking her on site. Kara tries to explain that it wasn’t her, but the video doesn’t lie. She feels hurt that people will not believe her. Alex and Lena say that Lex and Lockwood are consummate gaslighter. Lena shares the information that her mother gave her that Lex has been coming and going from Stryker’s Island for months. Lena and Kara go to the prison and do some light blackmail. The Warden agrees to arrangement for some personal time with Lex’s cell for two hours. In exchange, they won’t involve his husband when they report him for accepting a bribe. The prisoners call Kara a terrorist and chant Supergirl as she and Lena walk the halls.

Cells: Kara and Lena enter the cell where Lena calls Lex’s carving “pretentious”. Upon realizing that Lex has a same chessboard, Lena pulls out a note like they did in chess pieces. Putting the culls together, Lena realizes the secret to opening the chess board to reveal his diaries. Lex wanted Lena to find them. At the DEO, Lockwood arrives to requisition alien technologies to handle Supergirl. Alex and Haley both say that Lockwood needs a Presidential order to comply with the request. Alex hands over the signal watch to Haley, telling her to push it twice. Brainy says that they need to protect the aliens and to scrub the Alien Registry so Lockwood cannot get a hold of it. Alex agrees and tells Brainy to be clandestine. Kelly drives James to his first therapy appointment, telling him that she is proud of him and so would their dad. Kelly gets a call from Alex, who asks her to meet. She asks Kelly for advice and how to handle Haley. She tells Alex to not get angry, but get smart. She needs to figure out how to appeal in a way about what Haley cares about. Brainy makes his way to where the Registry, but has a moral quandary over deleting the Registry. Kara and Lena work through Lex’s journals, but can’t make headway. Kara sees someone spying on them. James’ therapist promises a calming tool for anxiety or negative thoughts, bilateral stimulation. She tells him that it takes patience and time, but it works. Meanwhile, the Harun-El veins are working their way up James’ back.

Bars: Kara goes to talk with Lex’s cell neighbor. She recognizes him as Steve, who released classified documents. He tells her that everything that she touches, she ruins. Brainy goes to see Nia, who tells her to listen to his gut. He pushes her to look into the future and see what he does with the registry. Nia doesn’t dream the future to get Brainy’s reaction from him, saying that sometimes the wrong answer shows what the right one is. Armed with Kelly’s advice, Alex goes to talk with Haley. She brings up Haley’s daughter, which immediately has her hankles up. Otis arrives because Lex’s cell lets off an alert when a Kryptonian enters. Lena and Kara both share each other’s pain over Lex’s manipulations. Otis shares his deal: get Supergirl and be free. He releases all the prisoners as they descend on Lex’s cell.

Chains: Kara goes to handle Otis and the prisoners, leaving Lena in Lex’s cell. She then gets her own badass hallway fight. Kara arrives to find the warden dead. In his office, James keeps having flashbacks which sends his panic up. It sends his body into the tailspin with the Harun-El serum, turning his eyes black and flaring up his powers. Lena reads through Lex’s journals and thinks back to their childhood. Lena discovers a secret door on the Hannibal carving, which leads to a lab. Kara finds Otis waiting for her. The air of them proceed to fight, Otis cracking the Kryptonite shield. The military descends on the prison with orders to kill Kara. Otis shatters the Kryptonite shield and the poisoning begins to take effect. Kara quickly changes into her civilian clothes. Steve appears with some of his muscle. He recognizes Kara and is delighted to meet her. The military prepares to break into the prison and Kara, back in costume, uses her thunderclap to protect the inmates. Kara goes to get Lena and follows her into Lex’s secret lab.

Plans: Kara and Lena can only see bits and pieces in Lex’s lab, nothing that adds up. Lex then uses Otis as a Kryptonite bomb with Kara and Lena escaping at the last moment. Nia has a dream of Agent Liberty attacking Brainy. He did delete the registry but kept a copy in his brain. Nia’s dream interpretation isn’t the best, so he’s not too worried. Lockwood arrives with his Presidential Order. Haley presses the watch’s button twice, which tells Kara to stay away. Haley doesn’t like to be manipulated, but her daughter is scared. Haley is now worried about those left behind, the few. The news blames Supergirl for what happened on Stryker’s Island. Kara decides to lay low for a while. James tells Kelly about his powers and wants to talk with Lena. Lockwood gets permission to deputize the Children of Liberty. Kara goes to visit Steve, who was able to copy Lex’s hard drive and hands it to her. Kara is going to try to handle things in the press.

Bec Heim