It’s “All About Eve” As The Red Daughter Gets To Work On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, we saw how Lex has been pulling the strings all along. It was definitely some classic supervillain planning at its finest. The Red Daughter is firmly under the sway of her own “Alex”, ready to strike back against America and Kara. Lex plans to use the publicity for his own cause, which will probably catapult him into good standing once again. He also gave himself cancer and got the Harun-El in order to heal the Red Daughter, who he cares for in his own Lex way.

Lex is ready to make his move. Meanwhile, Eve dumped an unconscious Lena back at LCorp and left a note for her.

Time to see what happens now. Anyone else getting a sort of Superman/Batman “Public Enemies” vibe to this?

Searching: Alex and the DEO arrive at LCorp to find an unconscious Lena and the letter from Lex Luthor. She reads it over as Lena comes to, apologizing to Alex over what happened. Kara and J’onn search for Lex. Kara feels like she failed and everything he does since he slipped through her fingers is her fault. J’onn tries to cast a psychic net, but he hears his father’s voice and passes out. Kara takes J’onn back to his apartment, who talks about feeling a loss of clarity since Manchester died. J’onn tells her about a race of shapeshifters who hid who they are but forgot their true selves. He fears that the same thing is happening to him. He plans to use the Staff of K’larr to summon his father for counsel. Kara urges J’onn to take care of himself. James prepares to leave the hospital and sneak out of the office. His own powers and PTSD are starting to emerge. Kelly is concerned, but James wants to focus on the Alien Amnesty Repeal. Lockwood has a “take your child to work day” with his son. Kara arrives at the DEO with donuts and her offer to help. The President wants the DEO to focus on the Alien Amnesty Repeal vote, but Haley agrees to let Alex and Brainy help Kara. Alex goes to talk with Lena. Kara gives Brainy back his Legion ring before taking off. J’onn meditates with the Staff of K’larr when he hears knocking at his door. It’s M’yrnn.

Oath: M’yrnn says that he is there to take away the sacred symbols of the Martians away from J’onn since he broke his oath. He does as J’onn passes out. Lena watches the news and goes to visit Lillian, who is disappointed in Lena’s clear emotion. She does tell Lena that Eve is in love with Lex. Lena makes it clear that she will never be on the side of her family. Lillian says that her friends would hate her for working with Lex on the Harun-El. Lena says that Lex has deserted Lillian, but Lillian replies that she will not be deserted. Lena returns to find Alex in her office, who has come to ask for her help. Lena agrees to help, but she wants in on the investigation. Kara, Alex, and Lena arrive at the house of Eve’s Aunt Mary, but Eve’s cousin Bitsie. Lockwood and his son arrive at the senator’s office, who changed her mind on her vote. She plans on voting no. J’onn wakes up to find M’yrnn is still there, planning on leaving with the symbols. J’onn won’t let M’yrnn leave, still struggling over the broken oath and the possible loss of everything. M’yrnn agrees to stay for one cup of coffee. Bitsie lies a lot. She was the cousin with cancer but Eve gave her the Harun-El. Bitsie wants to protect her. Kara talks her down, saying that she knows Eve did a good thing but the longer she’s with Lex than the worse things will be. Bitsie points them to a secret lab. Eve leads the Red Daughter through the sewers, giving her instructions.

Working: Kelly comes to visit James at work with referrals to post-trauma psychologists in the city. James says he doesn’t want it, but Kelly points out that Lex tries to kill him eight times. She points out that James has a lot of PTSD symptoms. James says Kelly only visits him when he’s in the hospital and raises his voice when she pushes. He apologizes and tells her that now is a good time for her to go home. Kara, Alex, and Lena arrive at Eve’s secret lab where they find a safe. Kara sees the Harun-El and freaks over it. Lena is tired of Kara jumping to mistrust and Alex defends her. She admits that she’s right. Kara admits she feels the weight of the world on her that she can’t lose. Lena accepts her apology and sees the vulnerability. They agree that bygones will be bygones. J’onn asks for guidance from M’yrnn, who points out what J’onn has done. He declares that he tried to be M’yrnn, but he could not. J’onn is not a man of peace and if he has to give up the symbols then he will. M’yrnn asks who J’onn is, who declares that he is the Martian Manhunter. Lena finds blueprints to Lillian’s prison and find the files. Otis was brought back through the Metallo project, Eve probably shot James, and they were looking to extract the Harun-El from someone after treatment. One of the failed Metallos attacks. Kara distracts him even though she’s weakened while Lena and Alex take him out.

Repeal: Alex, Lena, and Kara bring Brainy the Kryptonite heart. They play six degrees of separation to realize that Lockwood and Lex have a connection. Brainy confirms that Eve shot Lex. Kara prepares to go to DC while Lena wants to head to the prison. M’yrnn apologizes to J’onn, saying that he wants J’onn to help the world in whatever feels true to him. He didn’t want J’onn to feel like he had to change. He is proud of his son and loves him deeply. J’onn apologizes for not being able to keep the sacred symbols. He thinks that he can lay the symbols dormant in the desert until someone worthy comes to claim them. The two share a warm goodbye (even if M’yrnn was just a figment of J’onn’s own subconscious). Kara goes to visit James to tell him the news. The Alien Amnesty Act was repealed on the news, but Kara sees a hologram drop. Eve appears for a split second.

Betrayal: Lena comes to visit Lillian with the plans to the prison. She points out that Lex wrote her name in red, which shows he plans to kill her. Lena asks who Lillian is willing to bet her life on. Protestors gather outside of the White House to protest the Alien Amnesty Act repeal. Lockwood asks the Senator why she changed her vote, but she tells her to “just take the win”. James enters the Oval Office while Kara scans the skies. James tells Lockwood about Otis, but Lockwood denies to have anything to do with Lex Luthor. James asks if she’s so sure. Kara finds a hologram of Eve in the car, who wraps Kara in Lex’s war suit, telling her to “enjoy the show”. The Red Daughter makes her move, disguised as Kara. James has a flashback watching as Red Daughter attacks. Kara, trapped in the suit, can only watch helpless. Red Daughter declares, “Let them hate, so long as they fear.” Red Daughter then attacks the White House more as the protestors watch before taking off. President Baker declares that Supergirl is now “Public Enemy Number One”. The country is now under martial law. Alex doesn’t believe it and neither does Haley. James visits Kelly at her hotel room, who admits he was wrong. He needs his sister’s help, who promises she’s not going anywhere. Kara watches the news and calls J’onn, who is heading to Mars to return the Sacred Symbols to their rest. Kara arrives to Alex and Lena, who tell her that they’re going to help find out the truth.

Bec Heim