Hugh Laurie Space Comedy Avenue 5 Gets A Greenlight From HBO

Credit: AMC

HBO has confirmed the green light to launch on the space comedy Avenue 5, reports TVLine.

The series comes from the creator of Veep, Armando Iannucci and has a pretty stellar cast.

Heading the cast is Hugh Laurie who plays Captain Ryan Clark, who has to try and get along with other people involved in the Space Tourism industry. Starring alongside Laurie are Josh Gad, Zach Woods and Rebecca Front.

The series is described as a “space tourism comedy set 40 years in the future when the solar system is everyone’s oyster. With Hugh Laurie as the Captain, nothing can go wrong?” And we hold out hope that pretty much everything will go wrong.

Laurie, who has worked with Iannuci on the award winning Veep, plays Ryan Clark, a “suave, outwardly confident, controlled and personable” and the captain of space cruise ship Avenue 5. Gad plays the part of Herman Judd, known as the “face and name behind Avenue 5, and the whole Judd brand, including hotels, fitness clubs and space tourism.”

Woods plays Matt Spencer, the head of Avenue 5’s Customer Relations. In the official character descriptions, Matt Spencer is described as “being a nihilist, [but despite this] Matt is a nice guy who can’t wait to get to the end of his final cruise before promotion to a more senior role on Earth,” and also adds that Spencer “has a performance background, but gave up trying to make it as an entertainer years ago.” 

Front takes on the part of Karen Kelly, a housewife who boards the ship using her sister’s ticket and becomes the “voice of the passengers.” This is certainly a good indication that people are not overly happy with what goes on during this cruise through outer space.

No further production or release dates have been announced on the project.

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