Dreamer Takes Up The Fight As David Harewood Steps Behind The Camera In “American Dreamer” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, we saw Kara struggle with her newest label: traitor. While the entire American population were under a curfew, they are still ready and willing to attack the person they believed attacked the White House. Hoping to clear her name, Kara and Lena went to Stryker Island and Lex’s cell. While they were able to find Lex’s secret lab, an attack by Otis Graves caused them to flee with everything being destroyed. Thanks to Kara’s non-superhero side, she was able to get his hard drive from a prisoner who respects her writing. She decides to not be Supergirl for a while and take down Lex as Kara Danvers.

Meanwhile, Alex tried to figure out how to get Haley to do the right thing over what the rule said. She sought out Kelly for some help. It backfired, but, in the end, Haley decided that she cannot be as rigid in this current political climate. Brainy struggled with an ethical debate over deleting the Alien Registry from the DEO servers and goes to Nia for advice. He did delete the Registry, but holds a copy in his head. James starts going to therapy for his PTSD and his powers from the Harun-El serum are emerging.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Pens And Swords: Kara works hard on her story about Lex Luthor. While a couple of assholes try to attack an alien, Dreamer attacks. Brainy directs her away from the arrival of the DEO. Brainy is worried about Nia because Lockwood is rounding up aliens who he believes have “anti-human leanings”. Masked vigilantes? Enemy number one. Nia refuses to stop though. Lena, Kelly, Alex, and Brainy are attempting to pull the Harun-El from James’ blood, but nothing is working. Every panic attack James has is bringing out a new ability. Brainy has an idea of introducing James to a mind palace. Kara continues her work and makes her own special conspiracy board. Kara hears Franklin talking to his sister who works for Ameritek, asking if he can call her. He’s sleeping at Catco because he’s afraid to go girl. Nia asks Kara if she’s sure she’s right about this move, but Kara points out that she’s still public enemy number one. Brainy explains a mind palace, saying that the Harun-El is attacking the PTSD and tying up the powers with it. Lockwood’s son watches as they drag away a woman’s husband from her family. He tells George not to see the aliens as humans and sends him off with another Child of Liberty.

Memories: Kara “accidentally” stops a mugging on her way to meet Franklin’s sister, Edna. She’s worried and scared about the changes going on at Ameritek. They’re going to install alien detection at her company. Kara asks for help in getting Ameritek’s files. Kelly thanks Alex for her help with James. Brainy enters James’ mind palace, wanting to explore his trauma associated with Lex Luthor. James arrives at the Daily Planet, the first time Lex kidnapped him. Memories, however, are folding in on one another, which triggers James’ heat vision. They go into another memory, James standing over his father’s coffin. Edna keeps watch while Kara uses her super speed to look through files. Kara finds a name while she and Edna hurry to hide. Kara freezes the door to buy them time, but Edna is too scared to go on the record.

Extraction: Lena attempts to extract the Harun-El serum, but the test heart explodes much to her frustration. She looks down and sees the Ameritek logo on her tools. Brainy deduces the core trauma is tied with James’ dad’s funeral. He wasn’t there for it, both James and Kelly confirm. James said he got locked in a bathroom, but Brainy thinks that there was something else that happened. James just told a lie to himself so much that he believed it. Kelly has to excuse herself because those memories are triggering to her. Kelly, eight years old, needed her big brother and he never came. Alex offers some comfort, understanding where Kelly is coming from. She tells Kelly that she can handle this for her. Kelly thinks she can do it, but appreciates the offer. Kara turns over the name she discovered: Sebastian Melmoth. She finds the name in a LCorp expense report and goes to see Lena. Kara tells Lena what she’s working on and asks about Ameritek. She denies it. Lena and Kara get into a small argument because Lena feels like her best friend hasn’t been there for her. Kara, however, can’t get the words out. Nia tracks down some suspicious people to the alien bar, using it as a site for those hiding from Alien Affairs. Of course, under martial law, large groups of aliens cannot gather after dark. Nia isn’t going to let Alien Affairs hurt them.

Protection: Dreamer fights against the Children of Liberty to buy the alien refugees try to escape. It’s a badass fight set to “American Woman”. Lockwood’s kid, George, tracks down an alien, who finds his friend Charlie. Charlie begs George to let him go and he does. Nia is able to scare the Children of Liberty off, but it’s only temporary. George is starting to doubt his father’s policies. Kara looks at a photo of her and Lena when Nia tells Kara about what happened at the dive bar. She and Kara feel so hopeless as of late. Nia wishes they can do Aliens of National City with every alien. Kara says they need to inspire hope, someone who is alien and human. She’s going to interview Dreamer. In the memory, James arrives early at the funeral. He’s confronted by two bullies outside of the funeral who chase him down and lock him in a coffin. Brainy coaches James to push through the memory. He asks Kelly to go in. Kelly is sent into the memory, comforting her through it. She tells him to change the story, fight back. James frees himself. Outside, James starts to fly.

Introductions: Kara prepares to go live with her interview of Dreamer. Brainy comes to tell Lena about his success with the mind palace. Kara begins her interview with Dreamer. All around the city, people watch the interview with Dreamer. She talks about sharing her truth, being human and alien, and a trans woman. Lena cries from the interview, feeling so powerless, that she can’t move forward. Brainy offers understanding, saying that she needs trust and needs to open herself up. Lockwood wants Dreamer detained, now. One of the agents loyal to Alex texts Kara. Everyone heads to Catco. Alex puts the building in darkness. Kara secretly uses her powers to fight while Dreamer fights back. Nia and Brainy fight back to back. Franklin also gets his moment of power. Lockwood makes his move, but James breaks his hand. Lockwood promises he’ll find out what happened to James and promises to get Dreamer.

Dawn: Edna comes to Kara as everyone cleans up Catco. She brings with her the files from Ameritek and is willing to go on the record. Lena and Kara go to the balcony. They both apologize to each other. Lena admits she’s keeping secrets and tells Kara she worked with Lex. She cries over her choice. Kara hugs her and assures she’s not weak. She tells Kara that you help family and no one should judge her for that. Lena offers her help. George looks at the Agent Liberty mask and tosses it. He texts his friend. Kara and Lena looks over the evidence she gathered. Lena puts two and two together, figuring out that Lex bought a missile base in Kaznia. Lockwood returns home and sees the alien woman from earlier, who killed his wife. In the Martian desert, J’onn returns the Scared Symbols of H’ronmeer back from where they came. He sees an image of his father, who tells him to go home to his family.

Bec Heim