DC Universe Releases Full Swamp Thing Trailer

Credit: DC Universe

The next show on the DC Universe subscription service slot is Swamp Thing.

While last week, we got our release date (along with news of a shorter episode order), there wasn’t much in the way of actual content in the trailer. At best? We saw the titular Swamp Thing (Derek Mears), who looks pretty comic accurate. It’s impressive to say the least, especially since you never know how a character such as Swamp Thing would translate to live-action.

Today, we have our first proper look of the series, which promises a mix of horror and urban fantasy. It definitely looks like it’s going to deliver both in spades.

Even though James Wan is only a producer on the series, his influence is felt in the trailer. Lots of quick cuts, atmospheric shots, and people trying to make logical sense of the supernatural. Crystal Reed appears perfectly at home as Abby Arcane, which makes sense considering she got her start on Teen Wolf. Abby has returned to Louisiana to research a mysterious virus. Then there are the living dead and people wearing animal masks, which makes us wonder who saw those trailers for Pet Sematary when it was in production.

Then there is Swamp Thing. We have to ask ourselves is he the cause of the virus or the solution to it?

Check out the trailer below.

Swamp Thing hits DC Universe on May 31st.

Bec Heim