Danielle Panabaker Steps Behind The Camera As Nora Battles “Godspeed” In 2049 On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re in the home stretch of season five now. There’s nothing but a straight shot to the finale. Oh boy, there’s a major crisis of faith in the WestAllen household. Nora’s secret is well and truly out with Team Flash learning that she’s working with Eobard Thawne. We left things off with Nora locked up in the Pipeline.

Meanwhile, Future!Grace is running around to complete her uncle’s mission. She even kills her beloved Uncle Orlin when he sees how his hatred has infected Grace, turning her into a zealot of the highest order, and tries to stop her.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Liar: Team Flash is dealing with the immediate aftermath of Nora’s lies. Barry’s pissed at the situation and Iris is pissed at Sherloque. Sherloque won’t apologize for not telling the team what he expected. Cecile says she never felt deceit from Nora, but Cisco points out that Thawne could have taught her tricks. Ralph, however, points out that they have Nora’s journal.

2049 (Pre-Powers): Nora is running late to a crime scene. There’s a truck robbery with things adding up to Nora to equal a speedster. Her best friend, Leah, points out that she could be projecting due to her own issues and obsessions. The evidence on the lone video camera shows lightning, which means speedster. It’s white lightning. At the Flash Museum, Nora researches the lightning but there’s never been white before. Iris calls Nora and the strain between them is clear. Leah and Nora go to visit a scientist who says that without more data, then they cannot know what the chemicals were for. As they’re leaving the lab, they see lightning and follow it to Godspeed. He hits Nora with the lightning, pushing her into a wall of chemicals. Leah kneels next to Nora where she is shocked by the lightning.

2049 (First Day): Nora wakes up to Leah playing Lady Gaga in the hospital. She presents Nora with the power dampening chip, but they don’t know what it is. The pair of them proceed to freak out over Godspeed when Nora’s powers kick in. At the CCPD Labs, Leah and Nora talk about her powers and trying to piece together what’s going on with her. Nora tries to break-up a bank robbery, but it doesn’t go well. She blows out her comm gauntlet and fries several police cars. The robbers also got away. Leah tries to encourage Nora because no one has a great first day at being a hero. Nora is more worried about Godspeed. She wants to stop him before he hurts anyone. In order to think like a villainous speedster, then she needs to talk to one. Nora heads to Iron Heights to talk with Eobard Thawne.

2049 (Tragedy): Nora introduces herself to Thawne, who asks her to come closer. He reassures her that if he should try something, then he’s fried. She asks how he was defeated, saying it will help with an investigation. He can tell that she’s a speedster. The warden(?) says that it’s time for Thawne to repent then hits him with lightning. She returns to CCPD where Leah tells her what the power dampener is. Nora realizes what Iris did to her and is pissed. Nora realizes what Godspeed was planning to do. She and Leah break into Stagg Industries where Godspeed shows up. Nora tells Leah to open the chemical to let it evaporate while she distracts Godspeed. She can’t distract him long and Godspeed kills Leah.

Trust: In the present day, everyone feels heartbroken over what happened with Leah. Iris blames herself for what happened with Nora and Leah as Nora felt like she couldn’t turn to her. She lets Nora out of her cell, telling her to that she doesn’t want to regret this. She leads Nora into the Cortex, saying she wants to give Nora a chance to explain herself.

2049 (Truth): Iris returns home to Nora, mourning over a drink. Nora confronts her mother over the power dampener. She confesses under Nora’s questioning that the family kept this from her. Iris speaks around Nora’s questions, saying that she cannot lose her daughter too. Nora says that she just did and runs away. A Detective tells her that they ID’d Leah’s killer, August Heart. Nora remembers that she saw him at the Flash Museum. She realizes that Heart has recreated Velocity-9 and make it permanent. Nora returns to Iron Heights to plead her case to Thawne, begging him for his help. It’s only when she tells him about the circumstances surrounding Leah’s death that Thawne agrees to help her.

2049 (Mentor): Thawne coaches Nora through a break-in at CCU to beat Heart to the final component to stabilize his speed. Nora gets to the converter first and slaps a meta-cuff on him. It stops him for a moment before he injects himself with more Velocity-9. Thawne attempts to teach her how to phase through a wall like he did with Barry. She chickens out at the last minute though. Thawne points out that she cannot run forever, so they need to stop Godspeed. They’re going to use the Central City Citizen Media satellites to short out Godspeed’s powers. The plan works! Godspeed is defeated. Nora telling Thawne that they did it.

2049 (Legacy): At Iron Heights, Nora and Thawne celebrate Godspeed’s defeat. He tells her that he cannot train her. He doesn’t have enough time because his days are numbered. She returns to the Flash Museum and finds the Time Room, which has been made into storage. There she finds the Flash ring and Iris’ jacket along with Gideon. Gideon tells her about Barry’s identity as The Flash before showing a video left by Barry during the Crisis.

Show: Nora finishes her story in the present day. She and Thawne try to solve the Cicada case, but couldn’t. She came to past to make things right. Barry asks the Team for a moment alone with Nora. Barry asks her how many times she went back to Thawne. He feels upset that she kept going back after Thawne wasn’t her only option anymore. Barry tells her that he cannot trust her anymore. He can’t have anyone here who he doesn’t trust. He takes her back to 2049, telling her to stay there. Barry goes to confront Thawne over using Nora. Thawne says not to hold it against Nora, a condemned man’s last request. Barry says that he will finally get what he deserves. There’s 10 minutes left to Thane’s execution.

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