ClexaCon 2019: Legends Of Tomorrow Stars Caity Lotz And Jes Macallan Talks Avalance

Credit: Clexacon

Legends of Tomorrow‘s Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) made her second appearance at ClexaCon this year and was joined by Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe). During their panel moderated by Jess Harris-DiStefano, Lotz and Macallan discussed favorite episodes and scenes, fandom, and what they’d like to see with Avalance in the future.

Naturally, the Avalance tango from “The Getaway” was one of the first topics of conversation. The tango was Lotz’s favorite Avalance scene despite some of the challenges of filming it. She talked about having some difficulty with remembering and saying the dialogue in time with the steps.

As for Macallan, her favorite scene is the birthday scene where Sara walks into Ava’s office in a trenchcoat. Macallan explained that it read like something from the 50’s or 60’s where something romantic is trying to happen but then things keep getting in the way. There was a goofiness to it. She also liked that they broke tradition and pushed boundaries a little.

Speaking of favorites, both Lotz and Macallan chose the leather “Sirens of Space Time” as their favorite outfit the other person wore. I’m pretty sure most of the people in the audience agreed that the leather outfit tops all. Macallan and Lotz would also choose “Sirens of Space Time” if they had to choose one of the AU spinoffs to be in.

Lotz and Macallan did discuss the elephant in the room, AKA the Avalance “break up.” Lotz doesn’t feel like it was a full break, that it was just a fight, but that there was a lot of back and forth during filming and they did film an extra scene that got cut. The cut scene showed Ava having a full break down after Sara leaves, which would have definitely felt more like a break up than a fight.

It sounds like they’ll work everything out soon enough and when they do, Lotz and Macallan have a very specific wish for Avalance in future seasons; they doesn’t want to see them get married. Lotz’s argument is we’ve had the Arrowverse weddings, and that it would be nice to see people just being partners without the court docs and feels that would be a more interesting choice for them. That doesn’t mean “Baby Beebos” are off the table though.

This was Macallan’s first ClexaCon and she discussed how emotional she got when she stepped out for her first autograph session. The Legends fans feel like a family to her, so it just felt like she belonged at the con with them. It was also very clear from how Macallan talked that she understands the importance of representation and what ClexaCon is attempting to do.

At the end of the panel, she told a really touching story about a friend of hers who was fighting cancer and passed away recently, the funeral was actually the day of the panel. She said she didn’t want to miss the funer. She knew that her friend would have wanted her to come to the con and meet her fans and have the important discussions about representation. Macallan ended the panel by reminding people that they’re enough and to live every day to its fullest.

You can watch the entire panel below.