Beetlejuice: The Musical Unveils First Look And Two Songs That Make Us Want To Say His Name

Credit: Beetlejuice The Musical

For fans of comedy and horror, there’s no film quite as wild and clever as Tim Burton’s 1988 film, Beetlejuice. It’s still fondly remembered to this day and is a staple for anyone’s Halloween viewings.

For those of us who love the film (and perhaps watched the 90s cartoon based on it), we know how important music is to it. Making Beetlejuice into a musical? Well it wasn’t that surprising. There’s been a trend of darker and weirder films being made into musicals.

With the cast announced and Broadway set, we’re excited to see what the musical will bring. It looks like those we’re in for a treat.

Beetlejuice: The Musical. The Musical. The Musical. released a first look video along with two songs onto its YouTube channel in the past week. The show looks as bizarre and fun as its film counterpart. There’s also some excellent effects as well, slight of hand and quick pyrotechnics in addition to the cast.

Alex Brightman (School of Rock) has been perfectly cast as the title character, even bringing in that gravel to his voice during Beetlejuice’s song.

Of the two songs, we have a focus on our Lydia. Sophia Anna Caruso appears in both “Dead Mom” and “Say My Name”, which were released. She’s definitely spunky and has a lot of the snark. We definitely are ready to follow her into the strange and unusual. Caruso and Brightman have a great chemistry in “Say My Name”, which is needed for the Lydia and Beetlejuice dynamic.

We’re definitely excited for a show about death.

Take a listen to the songs below.

Beetlejuice: The Musical. The Musical. The Musical. will open on April 25th.

Bec Heim