WonderCon 2019: She-Ra Panel Unveils Season 2 Trailer and Talks Catra and Adora’s Relationship

Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for DreamWorks Animation Television

For the honor of Grayskull! She-Ra and the Princesses of Power landed at WonderCon with over 10 minutes of footage, a brand new trailer, and plenty of juicy teasers for season 2, which arrives on Netflix April 26.

At the panel for DreamWorks Animation’s critically-acclaimed Netflix original series were executive producer Noelle Stevenson, Aimee Carrero (voice of Adora/She-Ra), AJ Michalka (voice of Catra), Marcus Scribner (voice of Bow), Karen Fukuhara (voice of Glimmer), Lauren Ash (voice of Scorpia), and Merit Leighton (voice of Frosta). The panel knew their audience well and started things off by having Michalka says, “Hey, WonderCon,” in Catra’s signature style.

They also came prepared with new footage to share, including the trailer below:

The panelists talked at length about the effect the battle at the end of season 1 has on Adora and Catra. They’re both depressed but hiding it in their own way. Catra becomes more competitive and set on proving herself while Adora grapples with the fear of being anything less than perfect. The relationship between the two former friends continues to weigh on both of them. “Catra is very much in Adora’s head,” Stevenson said.

The cast and Stevenson believe that, ultimately, Catra and Adora want one another back. Carrero said she thinks Adora is missing her best friend, while Michalka noted that in Catra’s heart, all of her actions against the princesses are attempts to reclaim her best friend.

But it’s unclear how soon that will happen. In addition to the trailer, a few clips were also screened exclusively for WonderCon attendees. The first one showed Catra in the Frightzone watching as her bots attack the princesses. It’s clear all Catra cares about is Adora/She-Ra in this battle but when she sees her, the tables immediately turn. She-Ra pins a bot to the ground, looks into its camera, and says, “Hey, Catra.”

In another clip, Bow lays out a battle plan and our glimpse of it has the characters in their retro costumes, Bow including as many cat puns as possible for Catra, and Mermista snarking in her perfect deadpan voice, “Now we’re all hoping this plan kills us.” While Bow takes on the role of tech guru and strategist, he and Glimmer also deal with learning the truth about Entrapta’s role with the Horde. In a scene where they unknowingly try to rescue Entrapta, they instead accidentally capture Catra!

As Adora struggles with her powers in season 2, she also wrestles with the ghost of Mara, the previous She-Ra. In a brief clip, Adora and Swift Wind go a mission that brings Mara’s past actions into the present. Swift Wind unhelpfully, but hilariously, sings, “Adora and Swift Wind on an adventure, Fixing a thing that Mara broke, When she went nuts.”

In a later clip, Scorpia is left in charge and spends most of the time wondering what kind of thank you gift to get her “wild cat.” Ash said that Scorpia “so desperately [wants] to impress Catra” and that her “love is so real and so pure.” Stevenson added that Scorpia doesn’t see good guys and villains in this story, just the people who are her friends and those who aren’t.

Check out season 2 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix April 26.


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