The Jonas Brothers Return With New Music And A Documentary On Amazon

Credit: Rolling Stone

Watch out! Kevin, Joe and Nick have decided that it’s time for a comeback. As CNN reported the Jonas Brothers are officially back together. This time, however, they are not alone.

The Jonas Brothers were formed back in 2005. The group gained huge success and popularity all over the world in the following years. Besides their multi-hit music career, the brothers appeared in television films such asĀ Camp Rock and their own Disney Channel show. The band broke in 2013. Even back then, Nick Jonas said that “it’s hard to say forever” for their musical split. There was always hope.

Nearly six years after the split, the Jonas Brothers have reunited with a new single and music video called “Sucker”. Times have changed with it so has the sound of the Brothers. They did grow up after all. It might break some fan hearts, but the Brothers are not alone anymore. In the music video, they are joined by their better half. They share the screen with Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’ fiancee, Priyanka Chopra, wife of Nick Jonas, and Danielle Jonas, who is married to Kevin Jonas and mother of their two children.

Despite the fact that the dreams of once being a Mrs. Jonas will have to be burred by fans, everyone seems to be excited about one of their favorite band from teenage days is getting back together. The Jonas Brothers are definitely supported. By now the original cut for the music video of “Sucker” reached over 45 million views. On Tuesday March 5th, they released the director’s cut of the video. You can watch the director’s cut below

There is also more to come. It was reported that there is a Jonas Brothers documentary coming to Amazon. It promises to be a “personal, behind the scenes” film.

The Brothers said they want to share their journey as a band and individuals. It gives fans the opportunity to be a part of this reunite by every step of this comeback.

A premiere date for the doc will be announced at a later date.