Supergirl Returns To Ask “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?”

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

There’s a new villain on the street, Pamela, with a symbiote named Menagerie. Kara tried to work with Alex in her civilian identity, but Alex lost focus when Kara almost got hurt. Kara made the decision to not work with Alex, even thinking the memory erasure was a good thing. It means that Alex doesn’t have to worry about her all the time. Now Alex can make those steps in her life, such as adopting and dating again, without worrying about her sister’s heroics.

The President found a loophole to free Lockwood (he targeted aliens rather than humans and the wording only focuses on human life). Lockwood’s son George led a group of Children of Liberty to fight Menagerie. Only the DEO had to protect them, which allowed George to chop off the symbiote’s head. Not that it will do any good. Brainy, meanwhile, realizes that yes Nia is into him. And she likes him a lot. Now, however, she wants to focus on being the best hero she can be, suiting up for the first time.

Also Lena and James broke up.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Surprise: A prison guard named Danny gets knifed by a mystery man. Kara has been waging a one woman war against Lockwood. She unfortunately blows off lunch with Alex to do a “research trip” with Nia on Lockwood. Lena is moving into the DEO to conduct her research so Alex goes to help with it. Mackenzie brings James a second bit about a “medical study” for LCorp and asks James if she should pursue it. Kara and Brany bring Nia to the Fortress of Solitude to train her up. Brainy and Kel-Ex II apparently have a weird rivalry thing going on. J’onn visits Manchester in prison, who has dyed his hair purple. J’onn wants to help Manchester, still believing in the good of him. The prison guard, the guy who shanked Danny named Hat, shocks J’onn. Manchester declares he’s been thinking too small. The two fight their way out to get to Manchester’s jacket. Kara arrives, but is attacked by a new Morai, and Menagerie shows up. Hat threatens one of the prison guards. Manchester is ready to wage war against the Lockwood and his ilk. J’onn runs out and says that they will find him.

Elite: Brainy trains Nia blindfolded in using her precognition to predict opponent’s moment. Nia wants to know about her descendant in the future, but Brainy refuses. Kara and J’onn arrive to show that the Elite are killing anti-alien sympathizers. The hat that Hat uses is infused with fifth dimensional energy. Lena and Eve are settling into Alex’s lab rather nicely, who remembers Lena’s conversation at the Thanksgiving. She wants to double down protection on Lena, who doesn’t trust the government to give them her procedures. Lockwood meets another member of the Children of Liberty, who tells him about Manchester Black breaking out. He wants Lockwood to be terrifying again. Instead, Lockwood seems to have reverted to his pre-Agent of Liberty mannerisms. The Elite are calling out Kara, saying that she clings to ideals of a time long past. Manchester declares that Supergirl is done and the era of the Elite begins. He challenges her to come alone.

Dawn: Manchester lets Kara know where he wants her to meet him: Manchester at dawn. Lockwood meets with President Baker, who wants him to deputize the Children of Liberty. He tells him to “look pretty for the cameras” and laughs off Lockwood’s suggestion. J’onn goes to see Kara, who is turning things over in her head. He’s been struggling with his desire for peace versus being a Manhunter. Kara points out that even J’onn’s own father joined the fight, but he feels like Manchester is either a test or a mirror for him. He offers to come with Kara, but she wants to face Manchester and the Elite alone. Nia goes to see Kel-Ex to find out about her powers. Kara goes to see Manchester, who offers breakfast and promises no tricks. He wants to make a deal with her. He wants the Children of Liberty while Kara handles the rest. Manchester tells Kara that the government is launching a satellite that will hit any alien spacecraft trying to break Earth’s atmosphere. He tells Kara that she can tell Pharoah to “let her people go” or the plagues will handle it for her. Kara goes to see the President.

Strength: Kara tells the President about the Elite and Claymore. Baker, however, will not budge. After she leaves, he moves up the satellite launch and doubles security. The Morai on the Elite, however, was listening in. Lockwood calls his wife, unloads on her. At the Fortress, Nia turns to astral projection, but it doesn’t end well. Brainy finds her, saying that she bypassed months of training. He tells her that heroes look before they leap. Kara as Supergirl goes to visit Alex, who is shocked by Operation Claymore. She tells Alex that she feels like there are only two choices. Alex tells her to do what goes with her heart. Kara asks Alex to help, but she can’t. The Morai informs the Elite about what happened and with the location.

Claymore: Kara, J’onn, Nia, and Brainy arrive to fight the Elite. Manchester goes to fight J’onn, while Nia figures out how to fire her “raw dream” energy. Just as Manchester is about to kill J’onn with an axe, Alex arrives. She starts kicking Manchester’s ass. Kara goes to handle the satellite while the Morai handles the control room. Hat fights Brainy and Nia, who use calculus and dreams to figure out where he will end up. Hat steals Brainy’s Legion ring, declaring himself a distraction. Kara can’t stop the launch that the Elite started, which will blow up the White House. Kara, in the Iron Supergirl suit, heads off to space to stop the attack. Manchester, wearing the Legion ring, goes after her. J’onn, meanwhile, goes after Manchester, who is pleased at the violence in J’onn. Hat saves Manchester though while Kara breaks the atmosphere, moving the blast to the reflection pool before destroying the satellite.

Superfriends: Nia consoles Brainy over the loss of his Legion ring. It’s not about how the ring was stolen, but how they get it back. Kara goes to check in on Alex, promising the President will never know she was here. Alex says that she wouldn’t mind Kara helping out unofficially from time to time. Kara has to go see the President, who refuses to capitulate to him. It turns out that Haley didn’t know about Claymore either. The President acted against protocol. Alex goes to see Lena, telling her that there is something wrong with Baker’s government. She promises that whatever Lena needs then she’s there. Lockwood is led in to see Baker, who wants to make Lockwood the next Director of Alien Affairs. Kara is pissed. James admits there’s something off about Baker. James is still mulling over the story. Kara says she picked for the right reasons over the selfish ones. James gives Mackenzie the go ahead for the LCorp story. Lockwood goes to the Children of Liberty meeting, who are pissed by Lockwood’s choices. Lockwood takes it out on the D.C. delegate.

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