Stranger Things Drops Official Trailer For Season 3: Are We Heading Back To The Upside Down?

Credit: Netflix

Hope everyone is ready to be scared this summer as things are taking a turn for the strange thanks to Netflix. After months of teasing us with teasers here and there, Netflix has finally dropped an official trailer for the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

As if that wasn’t enough, the streaming giant also released several episodic images for us to feast our eyes on. The photos and trailer are loaded with spoilers so definitely keep that in mind before taking a look.

Between the photos and the trailer, we are given our first looks at the latest additions to the cast, Cary Elwes as Mayor Kline, and Jake Busey as Hawkins Post reporter Bruce. Elwes, for the most part, looks like your stereotypical politician, which already makes us wonder what on Earth could he be up to and what devious plans does he have for Hawkins?

Check out the trailer below!

The trailer also teases some interesting things to note. Joyce and Hopper appear to still not be together (WHY?!), Jane and Max are apparently BFFs (SO MUCH YES!), and Max’s evil stepbrother Billy has landed himself the perfect job to show off his body (he’s a lifeguard).

Additionally, the trailer also teaches us that it’s bad idea to try to punk Dustin, and Nancy and Jonathan might be looking into the world of journalism as a career option.

Check out the photos below to see if you can spot some clues!

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Stranger Things returns for its third season on Thursday, July 4th.

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