Season Three Of The Crown May Not Premiere Anytime Soon

Credit: Netflix

Having to wait for a new season of a TV show is nothing new to TV show lovers. After all, there were almost two years in between the seventh and eighth season of Game of Thrones and since November 2017, we have also been waiting for the third season of Netflix’s The Crown.

While GoT is finally returning to our screens in just a little under a month, it may take longer for The Crown to return than fans thought at first.

The fact that there would be a bigger time gap between season two and season three of The Crown was already quite clear before season two even premiered, as it was announced that the producers would recast all of the characters, which took them a while, after Claire Foy and the rest of the cast left huge footsteps to be filled.

As a fan of the show, however, I thought two years would be enough time in between the two seasons, especially knowing that they started filming season three in the summer of 2018. So, I anticipated the premiere to be sometime around November/December of this year.

While this is still possible, we definitely know when an important TV date that is will not be aired by… May 31, Emmy entry deadline.

While this is a blow for fans, Gold Derby exclusively reports that Netflix did not intend to submit the third season for the 2019 Emmy Awards, as the long production has prevented the producers of the show having episodes of the third season ready by the submission deadline.

Netflix has not given a specific reason why it has taken them longer to shoot the third season. Though, as TV lovers, we know that sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to produce something great and oftentimes, it is worth waiting longer than originally thought, which I am sure, applies to the third season of The Crown as well.

Hopefully, though, the premiere of season three will not be that far in the future and we will get to see more glimpses of the new season soon.

Anna Hattingen