Queer Eye Season 3 Trailer Is Here To Give You All The Feels

Credit: Netflix

Grab the tissues because Queer Eye is back.

2018’s wholesome juggernaut has returned to remind us all that there are good people in the darkest timeline we are currently living in.

Now the boys are back for season three with new transformations and new moments to make us hug our tissue boxes close. Netflix released the first trailer for the third season on Monday, March 4th. It certainly promised us a lot.

This season, which takes place in Kansas City, Missouri, features the revival’s first duo and first lesbian “hero”.

Based on the trailer? We are more than ready for it.

The “heroes”, which is what the Fab 5 calls the subjects, are all struggling with their own past traumas. One is a man who is “running out of options”, another a woman who lost her brother, and Jess, who came out sixteen, tries to find a place to fit in the world.

“They expect me to be someone else — more black, less white, more gay, less gay. I feel like I don’t belong,” she tearfully tells Karamo, who wipes away her tears.

Check out the trailer below and preemptively grab those tissues.

Queer Eye season three will be out on Friday, March 15th on Netflix.

Bec Heim