Podcast Team For Wolverine: The Lost Trail’s Talks Shaping Logan And Bringing Comic Visuals To Audio

Credit: Marvel

Wolverine: The Long Night, the first season of Marvel’s podcast based on the popular character, ends with Logan (Richard Armitage) heading to New Orleans to find his missing ex.

Season two, titled The Lost Trail, follows Logan’s adventures in the city and the bayou. It will feature popular characters like Gambit and the villainous Jason Wyngarde.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to the podcast scribe Benjamin Percy and producer/director Brendan Baker.

As for what excited Percy, who also penned comics such as Green Arrow and Batman, about writing Wolverine, he said, “He’s always been my favorite character. There’s something about being a very grumpy, smelly, short, muscular, cigar-chomping, whiskey swilling loner that makes the imaginative leap not too great when I’m writing about Logan.”

Given Wolverine’s long history, Percy had to hone in on what to use for the character to craft the narrative.

“This was a deep dive into the soul of the character, and it’s a soul that is encased in a lot of muscle and hair and barbed wire and poison. Deep down inside of this guy there’s a heart, but he’s made a lot of terrible choices and he’s plagued by his decisions. His want to do the right thing does not come easily, so when we were looking at inspiration, Unforgiven was a primary source. It’s all about a character who has a history of violence who’s trying to escape it and is dragged back into the fray. This was a really unique take and I was surprised that Marvel allowed us to do it. We pushed Wolverine into the shadows once more and made him the subject of an investigation — I think that enhanced his mystique once again, but also made the characters and the audience afraid of Wolverine, as they should be.”

Baker, meanwhile, had to bring out comic book visuals through audio, which was a process in and of itself.

“Throughout my radio career, I’ve insisted that music and sound effects are working in place of the image; the elements in the music actually help listeners build the scenery for themselves. That’s one of the cool things about audio in that it sits halfway between film and a novel in the sense that, in a novel, you’re reading the text and building it in your mind; in a film you’re consuming it and being given the imagery and the sounds. Here, we’re in this middle ground where the sounds are creating a scaffolding for your imagination. So I would look at Ben’s scripts and try to figure out what kinds of images I was getting from the text and then find audio ways of emotionally translating that into sound, whether it was through effects or music.”

As for what to expect from season two? Percy and Baker talked about folding in more elements from Marvel.

Percy said, “We have characters like Gambit, who I’m especially excited to write. I love the ‘frenemy’ relationship, the odd-couple pairing with Wolverine and Gambit. And we have a villain that many will recognize, a lord of illusions who comes across really cool in audio. The way that Brendan and Chloe are rendering the psionic and telepathic influence of his character is eerie.”

Baker added, “In the second season, not only do you get a sense of the Marvel universe but you get a wider sense of this world; whereas Alaska felt very remote as we were focusing on a small town, we now zoom out more and there’s a larger tension that Louisiana is experiencing right now with mutants.”

It sounds like this is going to be one hell of a ride with the podcast’s second season.

Wolverine: The Lost Trail premieres on March 25th on Stitcher Premium.

Bec Heim