Nora Finally Comes Clean To Her Parents In “Time Bomb” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Boy, did stuff go down last week. Barry convinced Dwyer to take the meta-cure, learning that Grace had also developed meta abilities as well. It appeared to have gone off without a hitch. The team was going to give the cure to Grace as well. Then Future!Grace showed up, took out the team, destroyed the Cortex, kidnapped her uncle, and killed Doctor Ambres.

Future!Grace, as we all have guessed, is the version of Cicada that resurfaces years from now. She’s also a major alteration to the timeline, according to Thawne.

Now we have a very new Cicada to take over the season.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Snap: Nora goes to see Thawne about Cicada II arriving. Thawne, however, realized how wrong he was. He says that he cannot help her anymore. The counter is down to eleven minutes and its officially too late. The only thing left is for Nora to tell Barry everything. Dwyer wakes up in the cabin to Future!Grace watching over him. She says she’s here to work with him again. She’s going out for a little bit, when she returns they will figure out how to get his powers back. Joe and Barry interview Ambres co-workers, but they don’t have much. Barry sees that Nora’s worried, saying they’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, Sherloque’s translation is done of the journal. She didn’t use names though. The Cortex has been remodeled. Cicada II has some kind of mental controlling in addition to dagger control. A trigger from the archives where they keep Flash stuff goes off. Cisco and Sherloque find what was missing: Thawne’s time’s sphere. Ralph and Iris also found it. It’s the same one, but from the future. Now they know cicada II is from the future. Future!Grace begins her work, raiding the CCPD archives. She pins the guard and grabs a file.

Synapses: There’s a missing cold case file. A search from Barry shows that the file take was from 2017. Cisco and Kamilla have made it social media official for the pair of them. Ralph barges in at the end of their date and asks Cisco when he’s going to introduce Kamilla to the group. Sherloque digs through old blueprints on Thawne’s time sphere. Iris finds him looking over the plans. One of the blueprints catches his attention and Iris looks at it. Cisco meets Barry and Nora at the crime scene from the stolen file. He vibes the location, which shows Grace’s parents dying. They figured out that Cicada II is Grace from the future. Dwyer wakes up to future!Grace throwing a tantrum over her parents file. CCPD, apparently, thought that it was a crime that the Flash should look into. Looking at the file, Dwyer finds a piece of evidence that has charred dark matter residue. Future!Grace takes a scan to track the meta who killed her parents. She tells Dwyer that there are more metas in the future. She came back to stop their plague from spreading. Together, she hopes that she and her uncle can wipe out the meta plague. Dwyer looks…a little concerned at her fervor.

Revenge: Joe, Barry, and Nora trace the last pin entered on the ATM that day to a Vicki Bowlan. She has powers, which started on the day of the explosion. She’s not entirely thrilled at Joe, Barry, and Nora bringing this up. She also doesn’t know that she killed two people in the explosion. Her family doesn’t know her powers and no one wants her to know. She wants them to stay away from her family. Period. Ralph, meanwhile, has gotten Kamilla a gig with Iris, much to Cisco’s ire. Apparently, he wants to keep his girlfriend away from the team and the truth. Sherloque looks through the things from the archives, getting into Eobard’s head. He finds a compartment in the wheelchair he used as Wells, which has some kind of chip. According to Joe, the reason Vicki doesn’t know what happened with Grace’s parents is because of the former mayor, who didn’t want the heat. Nora asks Barry about why he pressured Vicki about her secret. Barry tells that one thing he’s learned is that secrets keep walls between people and always have a way of coming out. Nora then gets a vision of Future!Grace descending on the building, leftover from their mind connection. She tells Barry. Pretending to be Flash and XS actors, they get the party goers out. Future!Grace arrives and attacks Vicki, who retaliates. Her daughter, however, gets caught in the blowback and her husband now knows her powers. Barry and Nora take the family out of there. Future!Grace is ready to keep hunting.

Monster: Joe, Bary, and Cecile watch as Grace sleeps. Her condition is too fragile to her the cure and they don’t have her consent. Vicki’s family, however, is angry at her for keeping such a big secret. Nora watches the scene, clearly thinking of her own secrets. Ralph goes to apologize to Cisco, who unloads on him. He wants Kamilla to be unaware about his real activities on Team Flash. Ralph asks how long Cisco can think he can keep the two lives separate. He thinks that Cisco will always turn off a part of himself with Kamilla because of this desire to keep things separate. Future!Grace returns to the cabin where Dwyer has been reading the file. He realizes that it was just an accident. She also revealed he killed Ambres to Dwyer’s shock. She realizes that the key to killing Vicki is targeting her family. When Dwyer tries to stop her, he pushes her to the side. Sherloque watches old recordings from Thawne, on developing the code to communicate previous timelines. Sherloque confirms that Thawne was the second writer in Nora’s journal.

Veritas: Nora returns to find Vicki explaining to her daughter why she didn’t tell her about her powers. She’s about to tell Barry the truth, but Future!Grace shows up. She has the husband hostage and wants Vicki to turn herself over. With the dagger tracking them, Nora takes Vicki and runs far and fast. Barry, meanwhile, confronts Future!Grace, who says the only cure to a meta is death. She declares that Flash and the team wasn’t anything special. Dwyer arrives to tell Grace that he was wrong. He doesn’t want her to make his mistakes, to be poisoned by his anger. He asks her to let it go, before it’s too late. Future!Grace then kills her uncle with the dagger. Stone. Freakin’. Cold. Barry runs to Orlin, whose final words are a plea for him to save Grace. Team Flash mourns Dwyer, despite his faults he loved Grace. It stopped him from crossing lines. Grace’s powers come from telekinetically binding the dark matter around her. The wound in her head makes her so much more powerful than usual. Nora, meanwhile, wants to tell everyone her secret. Sherloque is going to tell the team for her, revealing the truth of her partner: Eobard Thawne. The team is shocked. Barry, angry, puts Nora in the Pipeline. He leaves her there as she breaks down in tears.

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