Netflix Cancels One Day At A Time After Three Seasons

Credit: Netflix

There are very few television shows that come into your life and leave a long-lasting impression. Even less of these shows are half-hour comedies, which can feel like they have a much shorter life-span. The exceptions that prove the rule include Friends, The Office, or Parks and Recreation – these shows have long stayed with us way past their cancellations and/or final seasons.

It seems that today one more television program joins the list – One Day At A Time. Netflix has announced today that it will not renew the Justina Machado-fronted sitcom for a fourth season.

The streaming service released a statement via twitter, stating that “the choice did not come easily” and they “spent several weeks trying to find a way to make another season work but in the end simply not enough people watched to justify another season”.

This cancellation does not necessarily come as a surprise, as the show had been on the brink of renewal the year before, and fans have been campaigning on Twitter to secure a fourth season for weeks now.

In One Day At A Time viewers followed three generations of a Cuban-American family (a divorcee mother with a past in the military, her two children and their very traditional grandmother) through their everyday challenges.

The TV show did not just offer representation to Latinx viewers everywhere, but delved deeper into topics such as post-traumatic stress disorder, sexuality, identity and tradition. While it was a comedy that had you cackling along to the rhythm of Rita Moreno’s raspy voice, it simultaneously had you bawling your eyes out as a teary-eyed Elena (Isabella Gomez) comes out as homosexual to her mother.

Netflix was very much aware of the impact the TV series had on its audience, and yet it did not play a part in their decision making. On Twitter Netflix said: “And to anyone who felt seen or represented — possibly for the first time — by ODAAT, please don’t take this as an indication your story is not important. The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories.”

Still, rather than trying to find new stories, Netflix should have stuck with a family that resonated with so many people, many of which were finally able to see themselves on a screen.

The Alvarez family is not yet out of stories to tell. I truly hope Sony Pictures TV will find a new home for the series. These beautiful never-been-there-before characters should not go to waste.

Verena Cote
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