Natalie Portman Is An Astronaut Having A Psychedelic Break With Reality In The Lucy In The Sky Trailer

Credit: Fox Searchlight

In the trailer for Lucy In The Sky, Natalie Portman plays a professional at the top of her game who has completely lost touch with reality.

If you think that it sounds like the basic plot for Black Swan, then you’re not entirely wrong. Substitute fantasy and body horror elements for science and space. One thing we can say is that Natalie Portman’s Lucy Cola is a very different woman from Nina.

Recently returned from a lengthy trip in space, Lucy is having trouble keeping things together. She starts to lose touch with reality: having visions of herself flying through the clouds amongst other imagery. She also begins an affair with fellow astronaut Mark (Jon Hamm). The trippy visuals of her madness come courtesy of Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley, who directed. He also produced the project alongside Reese Witherspoon.

In the trailer, Lucy has trouble reconcilling her time in space with being on Earth.

“I go up there and see the whole universe and everything here looks so small.”

Mark can only reply, “You got to see the vast celestial everything and it blew your mind. So now nothing makes sense.”

The story is very, very loosely based off of real-life astronaut Lisa Nowak who, after a 13-day mission to space, drove 900 miles in order to kidnap her ex-lover’s partner in 2007.

Lucy in the Sky will be released later this year. Though it doesn’t have an official release date at this time.

Bec Heim