Matt Ryan Would Like To Play Constantine On DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Series

Credit: The CW

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Matt Ryan is the definitive actor to play everyone’s favorite bisexual disaster warlock, John Constantine. Ryan is just really, really good at playing the role.

Really. Good.

He’s played John in two animated features, a short-lived NBC, and currently on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. There are always rumors about guest spots in other shows, such as Lucifer. We are one hundred percent fine with that because Ryan is that good.

There’s even a persistent rumor about him getting his own solo series on the DC subscription service, DC Universe. But that’s a rumor, nothing has been confirmed.

Ryan is interested in playing the role in the upcoming DC Universe series, Swamp Thing. Now for those fans who aren’t up to date on Constantine’s history, he made his first appearances when Alan Moore was writing the comic in the 80s. He proved so popular that he was spun-off into the Hellblazer series, which ran for decades.

Talking at WonderCon, he said, “John Constantine was born in Swamp Thing. Eventually, he has to be on Swamp Thing, and I just hope it’s me.”

Yeah, we hope its Ryan too. Before you all get all nitpicky about him being in the Arrowverse. Let’s just reiterate, it’s a great big multiverse out there. Whatever Earth the DC Universe shows takes place on, it can have a Matt Ryan Constantine too.

Like the actor also said, “I’m still playing this role four years after Constantine was actually cancelled, so I must be doing something right.”

Also have the man return for season five of LegendsWe got a lot of hopes that Ryan can keep playing Constantine for a long time.

Legends of Tomorrow returns on Monday, April 1st a 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim