Live-Action Director For The Little Mermaid Teases New Music

Credit: Disney Studios

Rob Marshall, the creator of Mary Poppins Returns, is departing the streets of London for the deep blue sea. Marshall will be directing the live action The Little Mermaid, which will be similar to the 1989 animated animated version.

Marshall is excited to add some new music to his forthcoming film.

According to, Marshall shared, “There are things I’ve learned about how you have to work to integrate songs into story, and how it has to feel earned. It can’t just be sort of put there, placed there, because you feel there should be a song. It has to be a song that’s earned, that takes you there. And so as we’re working on, in a way, fleshing out The Little Mermaid — Ariel has one song in the animated film — and so we’re looking for maybe more material.”

In the live-action The Little Mermaid, Marshall joins forces with Mary Poppins Returns and Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda in addition to Alan Menken, eight time Academy Award-winning composer and songwriter. Menken also reprised his role as composer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

Marshall said, “Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda are coming on board to write some lyrics, so that’s exciting, to sort of take what was there, which is so beloved, but also find a way to create a live-action version of it…the lessons of creating an original musical have been very helpful so far.”

Disney has not released a premier date for The Little Mermaid yet.