Lex Luthor Arrives In “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week left us on one hell of a cliffhanger with James Olsen being shot in his office and bleeding out on the floor. Before that happened, however, it was protest against Lockwood’s appointment to Secretary of Alien Affairs and his plans to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. Thanks to the dissent at the rally, which both Lockwood and Manchester Black stirred up, plans have been placed on hold for a moment.

Kara had to wrestle with being a hero or being a citizen of Earth, choosing to join the protest. J’onn had to deal with Manchester’s ability to get under his skin, declaring at the hour’s end to be a Manhunter once more. Brainy secretly organized the protest under the username AmericanAlien. Alex, despite her personal distaste, had to play bodyguard to Lockwood. (Though she did drag him offstage and get him in an armlock.)

Now it’s time to meet Lex Luthor.

So shall we?

Aftermath: Four years ago in Metropolis. Lena begs her brother not to turn the sun red, but Lex says it’s for humanity. Lex says they’ve become stupid with Superman around. His duty is to show the world the fraud Superman is; saying that he was the Man of Tomorrow, not Superman. Lex says that everyone will see as the police take him. At Luthor Mansion in the present, Lena meets a helicopter with her brother, who suffered a stroke. Not that she believes it. At Catco, James is on the floor and calls Kara with the signal watch. She finds him there. Lex tells Lena that he’s dying, but that he’s weak. He wants the Harun-El serum, but Lena is not buying. He is pulling the strings behind Lena’s deal. Black Kryptonite keeps Lex alive from his poisoning of green Kryptonite. Eve comes with the news about James. Lena meets Kara, Brainy, and Nia at the hospital. His spine was badly injured and they were about to operate. Brainy reminds Lena about “the boxes”. Kara only knows that they used a hollow point bullet. J’onn thinks its Manchester and wants to end it today. Alex joins Lena, wanting her to use it on James. Alex says that she can have a breakthrough under sheer force of will, she’s had it before. Lena leaves Alex to watch James. J’onn and Kara go after Manchester, who is at the place where J’onn’s father died. But time slows down and J’onn is trapped in fire. Manchester has the staff of H’ronmeer.

Frozen: Manchester said that he poked around in J’onn’s mind, that he dug deep in him. He says that H’ronmeer was a god of wrath and that he will remind J’onn of who he is by doing the punishments. Together, they can stop the hate. Lena pushed James away due to Lex and her working together. He finds the irony too delicious. Lena promises that if Lex helps her, then she will save them both. The superpowers need to be isolated and dosed out of the Harun-El. Nia, meanwhile, blames herself for James. She never saw this coming. Brainy feels frustrated that he could deduct this, blaming himself as well. The doctor says that James is in a medically induced coma, but they need next of kin. James’ sister Kelly arrives. Lex and Lena butt heads working together. Lex takes credit for Lena’s success, saying that if he praised her then would she have been successful as she is. Lex coughs blood into a handkerchief. And the guard who brings a glass of water drops it. He says that Lena was wonderful. She’s done things Lex could never do. J’onn tells Kara about the punishments. J’onn summons the secret symbols, looking for tales of H’ronmeer’s violence. Manchester can use the staff to recreate them. Eve goes to gently confront Lena about giving Lex full access. She returns to find Lex out of the wheelchair and the guard just standing. James goes into a code while Alex and Kelly are in the room.

Code: James is bleeding internally. He’ll bleed out if they don’t operate, but it’s at the risk of James’ spinal cord. Alex offers the experimental drug to Kelly, who doesn’t want to put his life in Lena’s hands. Lena and Lex argue over the drug and it looks like the serum is working. Alex calls Kara upset that she’s not there. Kara cannot tell Alex the truth. Lena tells Lex about James being in surgery. Lex tells Lena about his dead dog, but Lillian sent Lex on a business trip to stop with the sentimentality. He met Lena’s mother on the trip, who was kind to him when he needed it. Lex may have come from poison, but Lena came from love. He tells Lena to go to James and to send the guard back in. J’onn prays to his father, asking for guidance. J’onn sees a dead Kara and Alex before him, declaring that they’re the ones he couldn’t save. Kara breaks through the vision and J’onn breaks down in tears. He blames himself for prioritizing peace over his family. Kara tells J’onn that by standing by her and Alex, they feel stronger. Kara thinks that they need to let Manchester come to them. Alex apologizes to Kelly about trying to force the cure on her. Kelly is an old pro at visiting James in the hospital and is a psychologist. Kara and J’onn come back. Kelly and J’onn give the Danvers sisters a moment. She tells Alex that she couldn’t stand by and do nothing, but standing by her sister is everything. Lena and Eve come wanting to see James. Brainy kind of unloads on Nia about everything: evil ancestors, James’ situation, Kara’s near death, Mon-El’s dismissiveness. At the end of it, she kisses him. Throughout the city, there’s a power surge courtesy of Manchester. Kara and J’onn go to meet him, who wants them to come and get it.

Cure: Manchester blows a hole in the dam. Kara goes to handle it. Kelly blames herself for what’s happening to James. Alex says that it was the best option at the time. She asks Kelly to trust her. Eve is there, listening in. She and Lena brought the serum just in case. Kara patches up the dam while J’onn and Manchester fight. Manchester just wants J’onn to join him, but he never will. Lena prepares to administer the serum. Manchester promises that J’onn will lose everything again, showing J’onn visions of his daughters. James flatlines while J’onn sees his daughters die. J’onn summons the staff to him in a fit of rage. The serum spreads through James body while Manchester disintegrates, leaving Brainy’s Legion ring. (This seems like an inauspicious end to Manchester Black.) James wakes up from the serum. Kara returns to J’onn asking where Manchester is, but J’onn doesn’t answer. James is in recovery and seems to be doing well. Kelly passes the phone from his mother to James, who is not thrilled. Kara tells J’onn to give Brainy the ring. She gently assures J’onn that what happened with Manchester doesn’t change what J’onn is trying to do. J’onn gives her the ring and says he is not a man of peace. Brainy gently lets down Nia in his own awkward way. Lena returns to Lex, knowing he caused the power outage in the hospital. He admits that he had James shot. Lena tells Lex that it worked, but that he will never get the cure from her. However, she’s wrong as Lex was administered the cure 10 minutes ago from the guard aka a disguised Otis Gracvs. He locks Lena away and calls Eve, who has been a double agent. Otis knocks Lena out, leaving her with Eve. He and Otis leave with a trail of bodies in his wake. Kara arrives to meet Lex face to face.

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