Legends Of Tomorrow Boss And Star Talk About What’s To Come In Back Half Of Season 4

Credit: The CW

We are days away from the return of Legends of Tomorrow to our screens. We can’t wait to finish out the wild ride that is season four.

While we enjoyed the trailer showcasing the return of our favorite time traveling disasters, we’re curious to see what awaits the Waverider crew going forward.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, series EP Phil Klemmer and star Caity Lotz talked about what’s coming in season four.

Klemmer says that one of the main storylines will be learning about Hank Heywood’s (Tom Wilson) interest in the Time Bureau. Heywood is being used by the demon Neron who is possessing John Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) boyfriend, Desmond (Christian Kane).

“We spent the first half of the season trying to bring people closer together, and the back half of the season is really about challenging the fragile alliance between Nate and his dad, and even the more sturdy alliance between the Legends and the Bureau, and to make it more personal, between Sara and Ava, the respective heads of those two groups. It sounds depressing. We’re gonna mess things up for our guys, and we’re going to start seeing some fracture lines appear between characters that I think a lot of us have come to like together. That’s the way it’s gotta be sometimes.”

Well then, that doesn’t sound good. Of course, some things need to break in order to become stronger.

Just don’t break-up Avalance guys. Relationship problems are well and good, but keep them together. On the upcoming relationship troubles, Caity Lotz said.

“I think they both love each other very much, so the drama mostly comes from, you have two very powerful women who have very demanding jobs that they’re the boss of. It’s very difficult to try to balance work life and regular life. Of course, too, Ava’s a clone and dealing with some issues about her past and who she is and same with Sara. They both have very colorful pasts. So, it’s mostly, they love each other and they want to make it work, but it’s not going to be easy.”

Maybe they should go and see Barry and Iris’ counselor from The Flash season four.

Klemmer points out that Avalance are both fiercely independent women.

“For Sara and Ava, they both have extraordinary responsibilities, and neither is willing to compromise. [They] have never had a period of domesticity. They’re kind of best when they’re standing in the flames and the world is coming apart around them. Sometimes paradoxically, the hardest, scariest thing to do is sit on the couch or sort through the mail and talk about who’s going to take the trash out. We thought that’s very delightful, that for Sara and Ava the most mundane challenges would actually be the most epic because they skipped to the epic stuff in the beginning of their relationship and now they’re having to do things backwards.”

As for the ultimate villain? While Neron looks to be a contender, Klemmer says that there was a “bad guy hot potato” going on in the writers’ room.

“We changed course two or three times in the back half of the season just trying to figure out who is going to be our irredeemable villain.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns Monday, April 1st at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim