Jeff Sets Down Heroing Ground Rules In “The Book Of The Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

We’re heading into the finale, folks. With the title “Book of the Apocalypse”, we can expect some earth-shattering revelations. Let’s refresh everything though. Lala’s back with his weird ghosts and held Jefferson hostage for a little bit. He remembered a best friend that he killed who has tattooed himself on his body. We also saw the goo tank and the weird man that resurrected him for a second time. He wants to kill Tobias, good luck with that.

Lynn has been treating Wendy too much like a human for Agent Odell’s liking. He has her locked out of the testing room and pushes Wendy, treating her like an animal. He also has had the Pierces under surveillance and knows who they really are. He then killed the surveillance team, sure. Gambi is designing Jenn’s super suit and Anissa is still looking for Grace. It looks like Grace is a shapeshifter of some kind.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Hands Up: A Green Light baby, Cape Guy, walks toward the cops saying that he’s on their side and not to shoot. He doesn’t stop, so he gets shot. The Pierce family settles in for dinner, which Anissa is late to. She’s still worried about Grace, but wants to know about a family meeting. Jeff just wants them to check in with each other. Jeff decides to establish three rules: never tell anyone, always have back-up, and don’t kill. Jenn and Anissa rankle at the last one, but Jeff and Lynn remain firm on it. No killing. Odell continues his surveillance of the Pierce family alone. Jace declares that they are ready to wake up the others in the pods. Here are the Masters of Disaster: Darryl/Coldsnap, Joe/Heatstroke, and Rebecca/New Wave. Tobias declares himself their new boss. The news runs the story on Cape Guy, who was a vet suffering from PTSD, which Lynn watches. It shows that Freeland police are taking a “shoot first, ask questions late” approach to metas. She asks Odell about the kidnapped pod kids. She says there is a chance that they may all be dead depending on how the move went. Tobias and Jace look over the pod kids, who Jace thinks will be in a week or two. Then Tobias will take his revenge on everyone.

Puzzle Pieces: Gambi shares his theory about pods at the clinic and Todd Green’s death. He also pieced together Todd working with Tobias. Jeff isn’t thrilled that Tobias has all of those metas. Gambi installed Geiger counters around Freeland to figure out where he is hiding the pods. Jeff still worries about his girls, but Gambi says that he is doing a good job. Both he and Lynn are raising two wonderful young women. Lala goes to see the Resurrectionist (no one has told me his name), who wants to ask him about Tobias. The Resurrectionist is willing to help Lala because he cared for Lady Eve. Gambi and Jenn continue tests on her suit, maing sure any charges won’t overload her via absorption fabric. Jeff watches Jenn go off with Gambi. He thinks of Jenn as a little girl and all the times they shared. Jenn wants to talk about the code and how it applies to Tobias. Jeff doesn’t want them to decide who lives or dies because it will sned them down a dark path. Anissa goes to visit Gambi, telling him about the Old Man Grace disguise. He says that it could be a shapeshifter with a primary animal form (given the horse carcass). Lynn talks with Wendy about meeting Perenna for therapy. Wendy is sadder about how much of her life passed her by. She tells Lynn that she appreciates her staying, despite her distaste for Odell and the ASA.

Feel the Burn: The Resurrectionist provides Lala with a gun, telling him that his real weapon is coming back from the dead. He says it will be worth it and do great things. Lala is tired though. The Resurrectionist says killing Tobias will let Lala feel much better. Tobias is trying to prepare the Masters of Disaster to fight Black Lightning. Cutter gets protective when Marcus makes trouble, which turns Tobias on apparently. Lynn watches the footage of Cape Guy, calling Jenn to ask if she would talk to Wendy. Odell listens in to the conversation. Jace, Cutter, and Tobias decide to send Heatwave out first. Odell arrives with agents to take Wendy in for more testing. Lynn stands her ground. Surprisingly and worryingly, Odell backs off saying that he’ll wait. Anissa tells Jenn about the half-eaten horse and Old Man Grace. She remembers when Grace’s eyes changed color and puts two and two together. She realizes that the Old Man was Grace. Jenn tells Anissa to find Grace and tell her, screw the rules. As Heatwave goes on a rampage, Tobias makes his sales pitch for his meta mercenary army. Heatwave is heading to the Councilman that was in Tobias’ pocket early on in the season, who is giving a press conference. Heatwave sets the stage and the councilman on fire.

Friction: Heatwave has moved inside the mall and is super-heatng the gas pipes. Houses in West Freeland are catching on fire. Jenn is there and home alone. Jeff begins his attack on Heatwave. Anissa arrives to help him out, riding in on her motorcycle. Jace wants Heatwave to retreat, but Tobias wants him to try to defeat Thunder and Black Lightning. Jace points out that he cannot sell a dead meta. They need to figure out how to cool down the gas lines. Jenn arrives to do homework as Gambi and Jeff try to figure out how to handle the situation. Gambi thinks that he may have a location for Tobias, which he says right in Jenn’s hearing. Jenn powers up the computer enough to look at the location. Jace tells Tobias to listen to her advice, saying she doesn’t have his sense of survival. She’s also a little jealous of Cutter’s possessiveness over Tobias. Jeff gets the gas situation handled and Gambi monitors the situation. Lala arrives and holds Cutter at gun point asking where Tobias is. Cutter makes a run for it when Lala won’t go down. Cutter heads down to warn Tobias, who destroys a pod. Odell goes to see Lynn, talking about Black Lightning and Thunder. He then wishes her a good night. God he’s creepy when he’s plesant. Lynn knows something is up. Tobias is exiting the building when Jenn shows up, but overloads on her powers.

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