It’s Time To Face Some Ghosts In “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

We’re in the final push for Black Lightning’s sophomore season. We got a lot going on. Tobias has taken the surviving pod kids with only Wendy Hernandez still safe. Lynn was testing a new stabilizer on her when the ASA facility was broken into by Cutter and Shakedown. Jace, for some reason, decided to save Lynn rather than see her killed.

Grace is still missing and has a tragic backstory which includes time in the child sex trade. A big question mark remains between her escape and resurfacing in National City. It’s one Anissa wants to solve, if only to make sure Grace is okay. Jenn is on a vengeance quest for Khalil, but nearly dies in the process while going after the 100. Jefferson turns down becoming the principal of Garfield again due to all that is on his plate as Black Lightning.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Haunting: Lala’s back, I guess Tobias reanimated him again. He has a gun and has entered Garfield on the off hours. It looks like he wanted the principal’s office, but finds Jeff in a classroom. Jeff is surprised by Lala’s appearance. Jeff asks why Lala is here. Apparently, Lala wanted to see him. Lala then shoots Jeff, talking about how his past comes back on him. This time when Lala came back, he heard a voice saying that he had “unfinished business”. The voice told Lala about someone named Earl and sent him Jeff. Lala thinks that Jeff killed Earl and wants to know why. Jenn is designing her suit with Gambi. It’s aesthetics versus style. Gambi shows off Jeff’s first suit. Lala explains to his victims, Will and Lawanda, about Earl, which leads to them fighting. Lawanda acting as Lala’s angel while Will acts as the devil on his shoulders. Jeff tries to offer Lala help, but Lala wants answers. If he doesn’t get them, then Jefferson is going to die.

Ghosts: Jenn goes to Anissa for a respite from Gambi and Lynn. Jenn tells Anissa that she needs to go look for Grace. She still has hope because Grace is still alive. Jenn doesn’t have that with Khalil’s death. Lynn leaves a voicemail on Jeff’s phone, talking about Jenn and asking for him to call her back. She runs Wendy through a velocity test with her powers, but Odell wants a word. He reminds Lynn that Wendy is not her daughter. He compares Wendy to a dog, wanting to use her powers for the government and country. Odell wants a weapon, but Lynn wants to protect the girl. Lynn says she refuses to check her humanity at the door. Henderson comes down to the workshop. He doesn’t know where Jeff is, but Gambi does have a list of names from Henderson’s side photo of Todd. With Lala, Jeff uses his powers to remove the bullet and cauterize the wound. Jeff shares his memories of Earl with Lala, saying that not a day goes by he doesn’t think about him. He thought Lala and Earl would make something of themselves. Jeff doesn’t know how Earl died, but he does know how he was found. No one was saying anything about Earl’s death. Lala asked if the 100 killed Earl and Jeff thinks he did. Earl came to Jeff advice over being hassled by the 100, but Jeff told him to go to the cop. Lawanda pushes the gun before Lala shoots Jeff. She then kicks Will’s ass, go Lawanda. Jeff pulls up a picture of Earl to help with Lala’s memory.

Whispers: Henderson figures out who Todd is at the same the I.D. came in the morgue of Todd’s body. Lynn has been removed from Wendy’s “training”. Odell is torturing the poor woman while Lynn has to be bodily be dragged from another observation room. Anissa heads to an apartment building, looking for Grace. An older Asian man answers the door, telling her that trouble will find her if she doesn’t leave. Anissa smells something off and the man asks her to leave. The old man is Grace, who shifts back into Grace. Lala stares at the yearbook picture of Earl. Jeff asks questions about Earl to Lala. Lala said that Earl wanted to get out of the game and got him a free pass out of the 100. Jeff told Earl to go to the police about the 100’s activities. Tobias found out and put out the hit. Lala wasn’t gonna let anyone kill Earl, but Lala killed him himself. Lala put Earl in the basketball hoop as a message. Jeff tells Lala to turn himself into the cops, but Lala wants to make Tobias pay. Lala leaves and apologizes to Jeff. Then Lala is haunted by Earl, who tattoos himself on Lala’s body.

Smoke: Henderson locks his office down and calls Gambi to tell him about Todd’s death. Gambi has something else from the break-in at the clinic: the residue. He wants to be able to track it. Jenn comes in and happily freaks out over the suit design. Jenn seems happier than she has in a while. She then accidentally sparks something in the chamber which fills up with smoke. Gambi apologizes as the suit wasn’t done. Anissa returns as Thnder to the apartment where she asks for Grace. The smell assaults heer and she finds a decomposing corpse. Grace, in the old man disguise, warns Anissa to leave before it’s too late for her. Old Man Grace and Anissa begin to fight, but Grace shifts and escapes.

Spirit: Lynn unloads on Jenn about Odell being utter ass, but she refuses to have Wendy to made into a weapon. Jenn is a little shaken over what happened with the suit, but she agress that the more important thing is that it’s safe. Jeff returns home after his long day and needs a drink. Anissa talks about what she found searching for Grace, but is uncertain if she found something. As the Pierce family sits down to dinner, someone is watching them. Lala remembers his body resurrecting in the tank from the blown-up goo that was recovered. And there are others in tanks. An older man watches as Lala’s body reforms itself and then Lala wakes up, asking why won’t he let him die. The man replies that Lala needs to talk to Jeff or Earl, saying that his past will blur until he unties the knot of his pain. After the knowledge comes redemption, then Lala will know peace. Lawanda and Will are both not thrilled with Lala’s plan to kill Tobias. Lawanda tells Lala that he needs to be ruthless and smart, but Will doesn’t believe it. Lala thinks killing Tobias will be his redemption. Odell watches the Pierces, knowing the truth of them officially. The team in the room prepares to leave who know the truth of the family and Odell kills them.

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