It’s A Full On War For Freeland In “The Book Of Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega” In The Season Finale Of Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

It’s been a crazy season, everyone. Now we’re in the finale, things are going to get complicated real quick in Freeland.

Previously, Tobias released all of the other Masters of Disaster. He sent out one to fight Black Lightning and Thunder, calling him off before he died. Jace tries to get Tobias on her side as he values Cutter’s opinions over hers. Tobias also announced his black market meta operations are open. Oh geez.

Jeff tried to lay down some ground rules with his daughters about heroing, but that doesn’t last long. Jenn wants revenge and Anissa wants to be honest with Grace. She also realized that Grace is a shapeshifter. Lynn, meanwhile, is trying to protect Wendy Hernandez from Agent Odell and the ASA. Odell is the only one who knows the truth about the Pierces and is being supes suspicious.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Overload: Jenn’s powers are still overloading. Gambi runs out with the special containment gloves. He calls Anissa and Jeff to get over there. She retreats mentally where a construct of Perenna tells her to flex the muscle that is over her powers. Gambi, meanwhile, has been overloaded by Jenn’s powers and passes out. Jeff arrives and finds that Gambi has a pulse with some radiation burns. Anissa says Gambi is not that bad. The girls take Gambi back to the Sanctum. Jeff goes to check out Tobias’ shelter that he bugged out of with the pod kids in it. Cutter and Tobias talk dead men returning and Black Lightning. He plans to use the news that Cape Guy’s death will not be prosecuted to turn Freeland in LA during the Rodney King riots. With that and sending Coldsnap to freeze the power grid, Tobias plans to cut Black Lightning from his powers.

Lair: Jeff heads into the Lair where he finds the pods for the Masters of Disaster. Jenn and Anissa return Gambi back to the Sanctum where Anissa looks over Gambi. Jeff then finds the room with the pod kids in it. He contacts Lynn to tell her where he found them. Odell watches Lynn leave. Anissa tries to keep Jenn calm as she works on Gambi. Tobias talks to Tori’s portrait, playing a chess game with her. Cutter returns with her report: the riots have started. She tries to get Tobias to head to bed, but he wants Black Lightning taken down. Jace tries to shoot Jeff in the back, but LYNN WRECKS HER! She begs Lynn not to turn her over to the ASA in exchange for information. She will give them the profiles of the Masters of Disaster in exchange for police protection. Jace is turned over to Henderson. Odell finds Lynn, looking over the pod kids. She doesn’t want to move them, but Odell doesn’t want them to fall into Markovian hands. Gambi’s vitals are getting stronger while Jenn and Anissa watch the riot footage. Henderson arrives with Jace as the precinct goes dark. The entire city goes dark. Anissa says with a power outage things will go from bad to worse.

Outage: Anissa wants to go out and do something in the riots. Jenn wants her to focus on Gambi, who is up and walking around. She wants to know why he got close to her when she was critical, but he’s her family. Gambi tells Jeff to come in because he’s almost out of juice. Anissa wants to head out along with Gambi, but Jenn wants to come to give her father some power. She promises to obey Gambi’s directions, who agrees. The teleporting meta from six episodes ago arrives, killing all the cops and prepares to kill Jace. He’s a bounty hunter who is to bring Jace into Markovia. He grabs Jace and they vanish. Tobias watches Freeland burn like I assume Nero did with Rome. New Wave and Heatstroke arrive to take out some agents, but Jeff and Anissa arrive to fight. The Rev apparently survived his heart attack, which is a real shocker. He says that during the riots the church will serve as a sanctuary. The fighting between the duos begin. Then the other Masters of Disaster show up. Coldsnap and Heatstroke tag team Jeff with New Wave and Shakedown fighting Anissa. Lala shoots Heatwave after Jeff runs out of juice, telling him that he will kill Tobias.

Pods: Anissa losing oxygen in the bubble New Wave has her in with Jeff being frozen solid. Gambi leads Jenn to the main generator, which has been frozen solid. He tells Jenn to use her powers to release controlled small blasts. Enough to free the generator without destroying it. Jenn is able to free it, getting the power on. Jeff is fully charged and breaks free from the ice, knocking out the three remaining Masters. Tobias is pissed that the riot is dying out. He wants to release the pods, but Cutter tries to stop him. He chokes her and she draws out her knife. She’s had enough. Tobias prepares to release the pod kids. Lynn tries to initiate the serum, but the kids are released. Lynn tells the ASA to stand down and Odell makes them. The pod kids are very confused to their surroundings. Jeff and Anissa watch them as they stumble about, looking confused. Lynn warns them to be careful, they may be erratic. Odell and his ASA agents have left. Gambi worries about the ASA claiming the kids.  She can trace the signal that opened the pods. Jenn recognizes the location. She lights up like a damn phoenix to go and kill Tobias. Lala arrives to find Tobias talking to Tori. Lala still has Tobias’ brainwashing. He is bringing out all the people that he killed, tattooing them on his body. He tells Lala that when he wakes up, he will be buried in some concrete on the east side. Jenn then crashes through the window and lights Tobias up.

Pause: Jeff arrives and tries to convince Jenn to stand down, let Tobias live. She drops Tobias and goes to check on her dad. Jeff remembers that talk he had with his dad that “peace ain’t always peaceful”. Together, father and daughter attack Tobias. Jeff declares that Tobias is “his”. They begin to fight with Jenn watching on. Jeff knocks him out cold. The Rev conducts a sermon over radio and podcast to the people of Freeland. It turns out he was in a coma, not dead. He talks about the evil of Freeland, praising God for Black Lightning and Thunder. No matter man, woman, or meta, there is God’s love amongst them. He promises that Freeland will rise so long as there is faith and love in their hearts. The church chants “Love will stop it”. Odell goes into a secret room with Issa, Wendy, and Khalil are in pods. Tobias is led to his new black site prison, the Pit. The Pierces cook dinner and are relieved the pod kids didn’t hurt anyone. Jenn tells Lynn she’s proud of her mother, who handled her business. Not all of the pod kids have been found yet. Anissa arrives with a cobbler, Lynn’s recipe. Jeff, overwhelmed, takes a moment, tears in his eyes. He’s happy. They’re here and safe. He feels guilty for what they have and that he holds his breath until his kids come through that door. He’s happy, so happy. The Pirces dance around the kitchen. They’re about to until Odell arrives, revealing he knows who and what they are. He tells them about the Markovians stockpile of metahumans. Markovia has Jace and a stockpile of meta. He’s swearing in the Pierces. They Markvoian war is coming with Freeland as ground zero.

Bec Heim