It’s A Battle Royale As “King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

This week is going to be an epic showdown between Gorilla Grodd and King Shark. Before we get into that, here’s what happened last time.

Nora was stuck in a Groundhog Day of her own making, trying to save Team Flash while Barry was in the Speed Force to incubate the meta-cure for Cicada quicker. Cicada would steal one of the Team Flash members and kill one with his weapon. Nora kept trying to prevent it. Her last time around work, but, as Barry explained, the timeline is heavily scarred by Nora’s actions.

Who knows what changes will happen?

One is that Sherloque has enough of the Time Language Nora uses in order to decode her journal.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

BOOM: Barry and Nora are on the ground as Grodd and King Shark go at each other. Twelve hours earlier, Cisco announces the completion of the meta-cure and a delivery device. They need to test the cure on a meta to make sure. They need to find a volunteer, but Barry thinks that they have a meta. They bring the cure to Lyla and ARGUS, seeing if they could test the cure on King Shark. Joe has returned from visiting Wally with Jenna. Wally is pretty happy and Joe’s back! Cecile goes to handle the baby leaving Iris with Joe. He asks about Cicada and shares a theory that he thinks Cicada is getting help. Iris, however, doesn’t want to talk about it. Layla brings them to the Earth-1 version of King Shark’s wife. She has figured out a way to communicate with him and agrees to ask King Shark. King Shark emerges from the water, asking if the cure could help. He then roars, throws Barry aside, and makes a break for it. Who wants to bet this is Grodd’s doing?

Feedback: Tanya doesn’t know what happened to King Shark or the weird feedback. Layla has ARGUS working on the back-up plans while Caitlin and Cisco make plans. Iris decides to stay with Joe for a little while, wanting to avoid her office. Joe doesn’t really feel the uncomfortable vibes she’s giving and offers her help with her excuses. Cisco goes to examine the crown while Sherloque asks Tanya her relationship with Earth-2’s King Shark. He thinks that she has feelings for him, but doesn’t admit it out loud. Cisco is able to get on King Shark’s psychic wavelength so Landon can talk to him. Barry wants to load up the injector, but Cisco reminds him that they need to ask. They are able to figure out where King Shark is.He keeps attacking the others though. King Shark goes crazy and attacks Cisco while Barry administers the cure. King Shark falls in the water and emerges as a human, proving that the cure worked. Cisco doesn’t look to happy about the way it was administered. (But like you’re going to force it on Cicada, dude.)

Choice: King Shark, now human Shay, wakes up in confusion in STAR Labs. Caitlin and Cisco are very not happy with how it was delivered. There is still some dark matter in the pituitary gland from his animal part fighting back. Shay thinks he should be held accountable, but remembers fear and anger. Shay’s arm turned into King Shark’s when reaching for Tanya as the dark matter replicates. Barry tells him that Shay needs to stay for now. He asks Caitlin to call him. Caitlin and Cisco confront Barry for his action in the field. They both think Barry always wanted to use the cure whether or not Shay gave permission. Barry doesn’t have any answers for it. Joe finds Iris at Jitterz. Iris is having trouble dealing with the aftermath of the time loop and feeling powerless against Cicada. She has a hard time going to her office. Joe decides to take Iris to a place where she can feel powerful. Caitlin realizes that Shay doesn’t remember the morning because his frontal lobe got disrupted. Barry goes to apologize to Cisco and Caitlin but Cisco attacks him and Caitlin takes the crown. It turns out that they’re being controlled by Gorilla Grodd.

Strings: It turns out that DeVoe was responsible for Grodd’s escape. ARGUS tech was down for one second due to the Enlightenment, which was long enough for Grodd’s escape. He was waiting for the crowd to be functional. The crown would amplify his abilities by a thousand-fold and be able to control the whole city. Tanya watches as Shay looks out on the city. Sherloque asks Tanya about her hesitation regarding Shay. He thinks that seeing the face of the man that she loves instead of the transforming hand. Tanya feels weird about her feelings for Shay as he is her dead husband’s doppleganger. He thinks that Tanya loves Shay for him rather than the face he wears. Tanya goes to see Shay and the two kiss. Joe takes Iris to work out her feelings with a heavybag. Joe went to see Wally in order to “restore” himself after Cicada’s own kidnapping attempt. Iris lets out her fear and anger on the bag. Team Flash gets signals from the crown as Grodd prepares to control the city, broadcasting that now is the will of Grodd.

Versus: Sherloque says that the only have a few minutes before the city is under Grodd’s control. Barry sends Nora to distract Grodd while he prepares to do an old trick on him. The two of them wearing some dampeners to negate Grodd’s powers. Barry heads to get Grodd’s crown, but he’s not unconscious. Shay, seeing the situation, offers to turn back to King Shark to fight Grodd and protect the city. If Shay does this, then they won’t be able to use the cure. Shay will never be human again. Shay decides to do this anyway. He promises Tanya he won’t be lost to her. Grodd monologues a little bit when a breach opens and out comes King Shark to fight Grodd. AND THEY START TO FIGHT! It’s the coolest thing we’ve seen all season. Grodd knocks King Shark out and hangs him upside down. He can’t be upside down as a shark, but he needs to be electrified to get things going again. Nora and Barry deliver the jolt to the tower. It knocks Grodd off and restarts King Shark. King Shark delivers an electrified punch to Grodd, taking off the telepathic crown and putting it on his own head. Goddamn that was cool.

Desire: Cisco is freaking out over how cool the fight was is. Caitlin and the ARGUS put Grodd in a coma with an AI that can keep up with his powers. Caitlin and Cisco tell Barry that returning as King Shark was his choice. Sherloque goes to see Tanya who is watching Shay. He tells her that they just need to figure things out. Together. The heart will always want what it wants, after all. Tanya wishes him well. Shay tells Tanya that he will make the same decision for her. The two press their hands against the glass together. Iris goes to her office, facing her own fears. She is also upset that she missed the epic fight. Cisco drowns her sorrows over Swedish Fish. Barry apologizes to Cisco and Caitlin. Barry wants to give Cicada the choice to take the cure rather than force it on him.

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