Is Cicada Finally Defeated In “Failure Is An Orphan” On The Flash?

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Could tonight be the night that Cicada is truly defeated? Maybe. Look, you dangle Eobard Thawne in front of us and we think, at some point, the Orlin-Cicada story will end early. But who knows?

Last week, we had King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd. Filler? Yes. But it was fun. Barry got a little trigger happy over giving King Shark the meta cure, which led to a confrontation with Cisco and Caitlin. Once Barry learned his lesson, however, he wanted to give Cicada a choice for the cure rather than force it on him to Caitlin and Cisco’s shock. Hey, you apply it fairly or you don’t apply it at all.

Also Joe’s back! He helped Iris deal with the trauma of the 52 circles of Cicada killing friends and loved ones that she doesn’t remember.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Who: Nora returns to the future to tell Thawne about the cure. Thawne, however, is worried about a new timeline trying to breakthrough in the moment that the Flash and Cicada fight. He can only warn Nora that something or someone big is coming. He even reassures her that it’s not her fault. Iris works on a story for the paper. Nora is taking charge in finding Cicada. Barry and Iris are very proud of her take-charge attitude. Nora is worried if Barry is ready to convince Cicada, but he doesn’t have a set plan. Iris, gently, pulls Nora away for a little breather. Joe is working through the backlog that piled up during his paternity leave with the Cicada task force file. He does have an interesting file: Doctor Ambres aka Dwyer’s doctor. Cecile wants to team up with Joe to talk to the doctor. Iris and Barry unveil the XS drink at Jitterz and reveal they have family bonding time planned. A new acid meta has showed on the scene, but Nora recognizes the mark from the Cicada photo in the future. She tells Barry that today is the day he beats Cicada.

Is: Nora explains that this is there last chance to stop Cicada. When Sherloque presses not telling them sooner, Nora points out that her original timeline is unreliable. Iris is a bit sad when Sherloque points out today could be the end of the journey. Iris tries to bond with Nora, but Nora remembers something important and leaves. Joe and Cecile interrogate Ambres over the missing medication. Cecile gets a lot of negative emotional feedback from Ambres. She and Joe have a disagreement over her using her powers and their methods. Nora reminds him of saving the others. Barry points out that Cicada doesn’t care if he lives or dies. What does he care about? Sherloque has a gut feeling about there being more work to be done. It’s time to facilitate the confrontation between Cicada and the Flash. They have Killer Frost in disguise with the acid meta in the Pipeline. Nora declares it just like the photo. Barry says that Cicada can have a different legacy. He chooses to be remembered as a monster. Killer Frost treturns to distract Cicada from killing Barry. Nora declares that was there last chance.

Coming: Everyone is frantically trying to figure out where Cicada is. Nora can’t figure out where the plan went wrong, but Barry blames himself. Nora wants to figure out how to make another window of opportunity. Joe finds Barry in his lab, who tells him about his epic strike out with Cicada. Joe tells him that Cicada cannot see pass the Flash. Barry needs to be more human with him. Joe admits that he feels a little useless with Cecile’s new powers. Barry says that he and Cecile complement each other. They just need to find a groove with their strengths. Nora is trying to figure out the best of speech. She wants to know why Iris wants to spend time together. Iris wants to spend time with Nora like this because it will be actual decades. Joe apologizes to Cecile, saying he’s not a man who makes the same mistake twice. He has Ambres in interrogation, whose fiancé died during Zoom’s rampage. They ask for Ambres to help arrange the meet. Joe tells Barry that they can find Dwyer. The bigger news from Ambres? Grace is a meta.

Through: Within the last few weeks, Grace’s powers have activated. The wound in her forehead is mutating. Everyone argues about what to do with Cicada and Barry says they need to refocus their approach. Nora apologizes to Iris about not being sensitive to her own list. She wanted to spend time with her family. She promises that they will make memories from now on. Barry tells Iris and Nora that he’s going to talk with Cicada father to father. Barry tells Dwyer about Grace’s meta status. Barry is relentless with Dwyer and offers the cure for both of them. Barry then takes off his mask and speaks to Dwyer as father. (This is going to come back to bite him in the ass.) Barry returns with Dwyer and an arrangement: cure Dwyer and then Grace. Cicada refuses to be treated by Caitlin, wanting Ambres. He declares that if anything goes wrong, then he will kill them all. Cecile cannot handle Dwyer’s emotions and leaves. Ambres apologizes to Dwyer, but he understands. She was trying to keep Grace safe. They put Dwyer under and administer the cure. It looks like the cure worked. Sherloque studies Nora. Then the power suddenly cuts out and Cecile says that someone is coming. It’s another Cicada. (Say hello to Grace Cicada, everyone.)

?: Everyone is in the dark. New Cicada is running around. Barry is confused, pretty deeply. Caitlin uses her ice sutures to stitch Orlin together while Team Flash heads to the Cortex to confront the new Cicada. She uses energy blasts in some pretty destructive ways and destroys the Cortex. Ambres tries to leave with Dwyer, begging Cicada to leave her alone. She then summons the dagger. Future Cicada kills her. STAR Labs is officially offline. Barry cannot find the other Cicada or Dwyer. Sherloque declares that this new person is someone worse. Cicada takes off her mask and reveals she is Grace, saying she missed her uncle.

Bec Heim