How Lex Luthor Built “The House Of L” Is Revealed On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Lex Luthor is on the loose. Isn’t that a scary thought? Last week, Lex escaped from custody at the Luthor Manor after having James shot in order to force Lena to perfect her Harun-El cure. With Lex dying of cancer, Lena was more than ready to let him die after he confessed to shooting James. He took the cure ten minutes before though. Thanks to a disguised (and alive) Otis Graves, Lex took out so many Department of Corrections personnel and left Lena to the tender mercies of his inside woman, Eve.

James fought for his life at the hospital until he got the Harun-El cure. Originally, he was supposed to have surgery, which his sister as his medical proxy agreed to. His sister, Kelly, and Alex bonded, with Alex convincing Kelly to let Lena try the cure on James when the hospital’s power went out. During this, Kara and J’onn were hunting for Manchester who had the Staff of H’ronmeer and was looking to release the Punishments. He was about to flood National City by breaking the dam. Kara was able to plug it. J’onn killed Manchester with the staff.

So let’s see what happens next shall we?

The Present: Lex jumps out of the helicopter and puts on his war-suit. Kara is not having it though and punches him into the Daily Planet. Lex develops super strength from the Harun-El and prepares to throw the planet of the Daily Planet at Kara, declaring he’s Lex Luthor.

Three Years Ago: Lena and James testify at Lex’s trial. Lena upset that he wanted a sycophant over a sister and a partner, at what Lex had done to the sun. James that Lex wanted Superman to be his pet Kryptonian and tortured him. Lex, in his defense, declares that “Superman made him do it.” There will only be “before Superman” and “after Superman”, aliens exist. Then most of the courtroom drops dead, except for James and Lena and others who escape. Eve appears with Otis Graves to watch Lex be taken away. Eve visits him at the conjugal room at Strikers, who flatters his ego and clearly crushes on him. Lex tells Eve to go apply to Catco as Cat’s assistant, promising that she will be of great use. Lex carves something into the walls.

Nine Months Ago: Red Daughter is taken in by the Kaznian Army. One of the soldiers taunts her and she easily picks him up. A general comes in to see her. He asks who is she because Supergirl has been confirmed in America. All Red Daughter can say is Alex. They teach the Red Daughter about Kaznia, how to read and speak. They let her out in the sun to gain her abilities and train her. Her powers are sent haywire when someone fires a shot. They tase her with cattleprods and she can only whisper Alex’s name.

Six Months Ago: The Warden visits Lex in his cell, who has carved Hannibal crossing the Alps into his walls. The Kaznian embassy called Lex asking for help with the Red Daughter. He tells the Warden that he needs to leave for 72 hours, gently threatening the man’s mother to get permission. He checkmates four other prisoners as he heads to Kaznia. He finds the Red Daughter sitting in her cell. As she’s in her cell while the general is on the phone, Red Daughter hears someone calling for her help. She goes to handle the situation, which is where Lex, Eve, and Otis find her, protecting a child. She says Alex and Lex says that’s who he is.

Conditioning: Lex promises that he will help the Kaznian Army with conditioning and training the Red Daughter. Lex asks the Red Daughter if she likes it here, she says a little. She asks Lex if he’s angry at her, who says she did the right thing. He offers to show her her own strength amongst other things. She tells him that his name is the only thing she remembers and Lex says that they are friends. He gives Kara Chocos and promises to send her books for her to study as he returns to prison. Eve tells Lex about Lena and the Harun-El, how it splits Kryptonians in two. Lex wants to foil an attack on Kaznia. He needs pawns in both the East and the West. He has Kaznia and tells Otis to get Lockwood going. Red Daughter watches news reporters and gets books “from Alex”, which she devours. When Lex visits, he teaches her chess and they talk about Lena. Red Daughter visits the boy she saved with Lex, promising to visit more. When they return, the Kryptonite bomb has gone off. Lex blames the Americans for it. He pierces Kara’s ears and tells her of Krypton. He poisons her against Kara. 

Training: Red Daughter wants to go against Supergirl, wanting to know why she looks like her. Lex tells Red Daughter that Supergirl has usurped her, promising to show her more. In disguise, Lex takes Red Daughter to National City, calling to Babylon. Lex continues poisoning Red Daughter against America, calling Supergirl “soft”. Lex has also figured out Kara’s identity, showing her Kara’s apartment. One day, Red Daughter may have to be here. She sees a photo of Kara and Alex, declaring Kara to be like a princess in a tower. Alex comes in, fussing over Kara and asking about her vacation to Smallville. Red Daughter prepares to go back to Kaznia. Lex has to go back to prison and tells Red Daughter to go back to Kaznia. Red Daughter stays to read Kara’s diaries and enjoys her point of view. She goes to see Lena, curious, and Eve stops the meeting before it gets too far along. Red Daughter isn’t sure that America and Kara are so bad. Lex has the little boy that Kara saved killed by a US missile that Eve launches. Red Daughter finds the wreckage of the little house and his ball, crying over it.

Break: Lex finds the Red Daughter in the wreckage and tells her that she knows who did this. She finds a piece of the missile from the US. Lex tells her to bide their time, but the Red Daughter goes on the attack. Lex tells her that she risks everything by coming and that the world would hunt her down. What is one life to the world? Red Daughter wants to know why she is here. She realizes that this is about Lena. Lex says that he thought she was stronger, but people always disappoint. He declares that he’s done. The kid isn’t dead and Otis trying to awkwardly bond with him. He tells the kid that if sees a bald guy then to pretend to be dead. The Red Daughter continues her training and then she passes out. Eve and Lex argue over what to do with the Red Daughter and the Harun-El. Lex doesn’t want to lose her. In order to get the Harun-El, Lex realizes he has to give himself cancer. So he does just that. He then contacts Lena via hologram. Lex asks about the Harun-El, but Lena resists. She wants to help people, but Lex knows about the super soldier research. He tells her not to do what she did: don’t harm when you can heal. He tells her that he’s dying. It brings us back to last week’s episode, which you can read the recap for here.

Today: Lex arrives in Kaznia after throwing the planet at Supergirl to give the Red Daughter a blood transfer of the Harun-El serum. She wakes up to Lex by her bedside. He apologizes for how things ended between them. Red Daughter says that Supergirl acts on her emotions, which is ugly. She will be disciplined and follow Lex’s orders. He tells Red Daughter that she is his gift to the world. She is forever. He presents her with her suit. Supergirl arrives at the hospital, telling Alex what happened with Lex. Eve leaves Lena in her office, while the Red Daughter flies.

Bec Heim