Gina Rodriguez On How She Nailed Her Jane The Virgin Season 5 Premiere Monologue

Credit: Getty Images

It’s been two days since the return of Jane the Virgin, and I’m still obsessed with Gina Rodriguez’s seven-minute monologue. I adore Gina Rodriguez for many reasons: she’s a fantastic actress; she’s an amazing humanitarian; and she unabashedly supports diversity and Latin-Americans in TV and film.

Beyond all of those wonderful feats, Gina Rodriguez can now add “director” to her list of accomplishments. Just one more reason to love Gina.

In the most recent episode—the premiere of the final season—Rodriguez not only plays Jane with absolute perfection, but she also directs the episode. On top of all that, she also slays a seven-minute monologue, successfully balancing actress and director in the season premiere.

How did she do it (and do it so well)?

At first, Rodriguez was confident about memorizing the monologue. After all, she is a graduate of theatre school. Then she realized that not only would she need to perform in her role as Jane, but she would also have to direct the episode.

Rodriguez says, “It was like, ‘OK. That’s going to be interesting…And then [Jennie] was like, ‘Let’s do it in a oner.’ And I was like, ‘Even better! Come on!’

The scene is filmed in a single shot, and Rodriguez nails the choreography of the expressive soliloquy. She said that memorizing the lines took approximately an hour and a half, and between reciting the lines for her fiance and to herself in her car, she managed to retain the seven page monologue with ease.

During the table read, Rodriguez said, “We always come really ready to do good art, and we’re really excited [about] making good art, and we’ve been given this opportunity, so we’re not going to take it for granted,” she explained. “I wanted all of the actors to see that I will embody that, whether they want to join me or not. I will bring everything I possibly can to this last year, because God forbid I never get this chance again.”

And for a season opener of the show’s final season, we saw Rodriguez do just that. (Do yourself a favor and watch her seven-minute monologue…maybe ten times if necessary.)

You can catch Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin on Wednesdays at 9/8c central on the CW.