Emiko Shows Her True, Dark Colors On Arrow’s “Inheritance”

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After last week’s excursion into the future Arrow returns firmly back to 2019. “Inheritance” has Oliver investigating his long-lost sister and her connection to Dante – with surprising results. Could Emiko be the catalyst of everything Oliver went through over the last ten century?

When Laurel learned of Emiko’s dealing with Dante she decides to follow the other woman to get some hard evidence, but gets injured in the process. When she tries to find solace in Felicity, she comes across her friend’s husband, and ultimately tells Oliver about his sister’s little secret.

Never one to trust without verifying information, Oliver follows Emiko and watches her rob a lab alongside other masked assailants. He learns that she is part of the Night Circle – a secret society lead by Dante himself. Oliver confronts his sister about the connection, and Emiko claims that she owes Dante for training her when she was young and she is into deep with the circle to quit.

Oliver wants to believe in the best in his sister and help her out of this situation, but John warns him that Emiko might be a blind spot for his friend. John is proven right when Emiko sabotages a mission and proves her true loyalty lies with Dante and the Night Circle. He promised to help her find her mother’s killer, but only if she completes their mission first.

Team Arrow goes up against the Night Circle, who have stolen drones as well as nerve gas to plan an attack on the city. Oliver is able to take out all drones but one when he comes face-to-face with his sister again, who orders him dead. The final drone attacks an empty warehouse, causing the team to wonder what the Circle has really planned.

The final scenes of the episode lead us to believe that Emiko is actually the one in charge, as she threatens Dante’s life should he not comply with her demands, and he refers to her as the head of the Night Circle. The weapons test may have failed, but all she wants now is Archer. Who is Emiko really, and how does she wield all this power?

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Through flashbacks, we find out that Emiko met with Robert just days before he went out to China to pitch him an idea for a Queen Consolidated subsidiary, but her father rejected her offer. Robert claimed that no one could know she is his daughter, and that Oliver would be the one inheriting his business, even though she clearly inherited his since for business. Later, we see her burning a rather shady invoice courtesy of Malcolm Merlyn, confirming a bomb has been placed on the Queen’s Gambit. GASP.

Dinah and Laurel continue butting heads at the police precinct because Dinah thinks she still has difficulties working with the law and cannot be trusted. Laurel claims that she has changed, but does not get a chance to prove that. She gets further into trouble as images of her and Ricardo Diaz surface in the media, detailing their previous relationship.  Trouble is headed your way, Ms. Lance.

Meanwhile, Felicity brings in Alena to help her work on the Archer software, which she has used to locate the other woman in the first place using her DNA. Felicity tells her she has been using the program to help Team Arrow, but that she wants to take it further so that the AI can be able to track missing people or terrorist. With that, Alena is the first employee of Smoak Technologies.

The two now need to work on what to do about locating those whose DNA they do not have. They both agree that they will have to hack into medical and criminal database first to compile as many DNA samples as possible.

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While last week’s episode offered a welcome look into the future of Team Arrow’s offsprings, this week has taken us way back to the start. Was everything we thought we knew about the Queen’s Gambit sinking and Robert Queen’s death a lie? Was Malcolm merely a hired body to execute Emiko’s plan?

It is difficult to believe that Arrow would go back on its own story lines like that and turn one of its most prolific (and one of our favorite) villains into a ‘means to an end’ kinda guy. Malcolm may have been easily intimidated, but why would he kill one of his best friends based on a random woman’s orders? Not sure we’re buying this one, Arrow.

Slowly but surely we are getting more information on Felicity’s company, something we’ve been craving to see for several seasons now. Sadly, it seems that Felicity is off to a bit of a morally grey start to her career. We all know this woman would be thriving no matter what life throws at her, so why have everyone try to operate with the law but have Felicity mindlessly break it?

So how about Archer? Is it evil? Why is it clearly still such a big part of everyone’s lives in 2040? We can’t help but wonder if Arrow is trying to make a statement on how total supervision and surveillance is bad and can easily get out of control ..

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Favorite Lines:

Felicity: “Come on Smoak, you got this. You know you can be pregnant, you can be the CEO of a company and a deputized vigilante by night. Women really can have it all…”

Catch Arrow when it returns on Monday, April 15th at its new time 9/8c on The CW.

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