Detective Pikachu Team Shares Why They Went With Photorealistic Pokemon

Credit: Warner Bros

Detective Pikachu looks like its going to be a lot of fun for Pokemon fans.

With two excellent trailers, we’ve been treated to a variety of live-action Pokemon. Now there was a lot of question on how they would be presented, the photorealistic versions have caused a stir amongst fans. They love it, hate it, or are split. Though, largely, it tends to be more in the “love it” category than not.

For the most, we like it. It’s honestly amazing what can be done with CGI these days. The Pokemon largely look part of the world that they inhabit.

Plus we all kind of want to cuddle Pikachu. Look at how fluffy he is!

So how did the creative team nail the visual style for the Pokemon? Talking with Gamespot, producer Ali Mendes said, “The biggest thing was of course seeing Pikachu in live action, figuring out how these characters are going to come into our world–‘What does a live Pokemon, a realistic, 3D Pokemon look like?’ That was a really exciting challenge for us.”

She continued that the folks at Legendary were impressed with what Warner Bros did with Fantastic Beasts and their creatures.

“We thought about Fantastic Beasts a lot just in terms of the quality of that animation and how life-like [the creatures] were. But it was interesting; we worked very closely with The Pokemon Company. They’ve been wonderful collaborators through this, and we’ve really let them guide us, because they know their brand better than we ever will, and we want to make sure that we’re giving fans exactly what they want, and they know that better than anyone.”

Detective Pikachu will be released on May 10th in the US.

Bec Heim