Brie Larson And Samuel L Jackson Reunite In Trailer For Netflix’s Unicorn Store

Credit: Netflix

Being childlike isn’t a bad thing. No matter how the world will tear you down and beat on optimism, sometimes you still need that innocence that childhood would give you.

Brie Larson’s (Captain Marvel) directorial debut,¬†Unicorn Store, seems to examine exactly that.

In this script from Samantha McIntyre (People of Earth) Larson stars as Kit, a twentysomething dream who is reluctant to leave her safety net of family and embrace adulthood. After her art school kicks her out for her rainbow creations, however, Kit seems to not have much of a choice.

After moving in with her parents (Joan Cusak, Bradley Whitford), she picks up a boring temp job and life looks to be getting dull. She then meets a mysterious salesman (Samuel L Jackson), who offers her her deepest desire: a unicorn. Suddenly, her childlike soul has been ignited.

The unicorn, however, causes her parents to think she’s gone crazy. Especially with her saying that you get unicorns from “the unicorn store”.

A poster for the film was also released with the tagline, “Everyone needs a little magic. Even if they’re all grown up.”

Credit: Netflix

In today’s world, ain’t that the truth.

Check out the trailer below.

Unicorn Store comes out April 5th on Netflix.

Bec Heim