Brie Larson And Samuel L. Jackson Chat About Reuniting For Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel

The release of Captain Marvel is just days away and we are all fit to burst over it!

The stars of the film, Brie Larson – a newcomer to the Marvel family – and its stalwart Samuel L. Jackson have been on the publicity trail ahead of the film’s release across the globe.

The pair are not strangers. In fact they have formed an hilarious trash-talking friendship since working together on Kong: Skull Island and will also soon be seen together on Unicorn Store on Netflix.

Larson explains that when approached, “Marvel was like, ‘Is there anybody that you’d wanna do this with?’ And I was like, ‘Please. I need to be with my pal. Don’t let me do it alone!’”

Recently they sat down with Entertainment Weekly to have a chat. When Larson was asked if SLJ (as he’s commonly referred to) ever offered her any advice ahead of becoming part of the Marvel family and wearing the colours of Captain Marvel in the first female led Marvel movie, she informed them, “No, he won’t give me advice! I even asked him.”

And that wasn’t even the first time she tried to hit him up for some advice. “He asked to go to dinner with me the night before I was leaving to go to the [2016] Oscars, and I thought he was gonna give me some sage wisdom. At the end of dinner, he had said nothing about it, and I was like, ‘Well, aren’t you gonna tell me some piece of advice?’ He’s like, ‘No. Are you gonna give me advice?’ I’m like, ‘No.’ He was like, ‘You’re fine. Enjoy it.’ It was the same thing with [Captain Marvel].”

That was the year Larson won an Oscar for Room.

Jackson however says he did offer her some small pearls of wisdom. “Yeah, I have this memory of saying to you, ‘Well, things will get a bit different just because of the crazy nature of what this whole thing is,’” he replied.

While both actors were famous before their turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears that these films ramp it up a notch. It opens a lot of actors up to a huge world wide fandom. And with that comes a little bit of craziness. One needs only to watch any San Diego Comic Con Hall H panel to see (and hear!) the level of excitement its stars generate.

Captain Marvel will take us back to the 1990s, and sees a young Nick Fury before he lost his eye and how this latest Superhero came to be. And hopefully will answer where she’s been during all the other films from Iron Man through to Infinity War. I’m guessing a retirement home isn’t the answer.

Jackson said one of the things he loved about the story is “It’s kinda crazy, too, that being Captain Marvel doesn’t necessarily define you. When you do make the discovery of who Carol Danvers was and what was going on, she had a life (before getting her powers), and she’s pretty badass already. So that whole thing about, you know, ‘You are what we made you.’ It’s like, ‘That’s some bulls—.’ Like, ‘I was a badass way before we got there.'”

Captain Marvel opens in Australia on March 6th, and March 8th in the USA and the UK.

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