Avengers: Endgame Run-Time Makes It The Longest MCU Film

Credit: Marvel

We’re in the Endgame now.

Well we will be in less than a month!

The final instalment of the Avengers story arc, Avengers: Endgame comes to us in April and we are more than a little excited. And somewhat nervous.

Not the least because the run-time is allegedly a whopping three hours and two minutes long. This means this final run for some of our dearly held characters will be the longest film to date within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It also means it’s probably not a good idea to supersize your drink unless you can sprint like Usain Bolt to the bathroom. Even then it’s probably not a good idea.

The rumours of the huge run-time began when tickets went on sale with US based Fandango and they listed the run time at three hours and two minutes. Social media of course went into meltdown mode. But within 24 hours both the online selling site and Marvel Disney have scrubbed all time references from their sites.

How typically Marvel.

But not to fear, movie buffs have sat through long films before now. Fans of Lord of The Rings trilogy have done it three times with the films as well as those from The Hobbit trilogy. Titanic also ran for over three hours.

We asked a few fans about how they felt in relation to the extended run time. Nicola told us, “Well after all these stand alone films and the Avengers films before I suppose the last one needs (the) run time to tie together all the different strings of plots. I’m looking forward to the film. It must be a huge deal to put all these stories together.”

Fan Gitte added, “As long as we get an intermission to pee….”, while Pixie told us, “Three hours will go by too fast!” Christie expanded on this saying, “If it’s placed anything like Infinity War, then even that 3 hours will feel much shorter. There’s a lot of story to cover. And, coming from someone who constantly needs to pee, I’m ok with the run-time!”

Fiona-Rhiannon told us, “I’d rather have a long run-time and feel each character and their arc got the attention to detail it deserves, than have a, say, 2 hour movie that only lightly touches on that and doesn’t feel finished.”

And we wholeheartedly agree. There are a lot of stories we need to see wrapped up, and let’s not forget, there is a whole fanbase that also needs to know one single thing: Is Loki really dead?

Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the franchise which started over 11 years ago with Iron Man. It’s been an epic journey for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not without a little heartbreak along the way.

Last year we were handed Avengers: Infinity War which left fans reeling as long time favourites were either killed during the film, or met their fate with The Snap.

There has been much online debate about who is really dead, can The Snap be reversed and so many other theories it’s been mind-boggling trying to keep up with them all. But all will be revealed in just under a month with the film being released in Australia on April 24th, the UK on April 25th and then worldwide on April 26th.

Our advice; bring tissues and don’t drink too much.

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