Arrow Explores Queen Family Ties In “Brothers And Sisters” On Last Week’s Episode

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This week’s episode of Arrow delves into what makes a family – blood, genetics, experiences?- and proves that, as always, there is more to some of them than meets the eye. In “Brothers and Sisters” Oliver and William respectively, and in different timelines, come to terms with what it means to have a sister, while John and Lyla struggle to work with the newly re-instated Ghost Initiative.

When a new lead gets John and Lyla closer to the big bad Dante, they decide to come clean about the Ghost Initiative, and more specifically, who is in it, to Oliver and Felicity. Especially the latter reacts with shock, unable to accept that her friend would team up with the man who threatened her whole family.

Even without their friends’ support ARGUS goes after Virgil, a middle man of Dante’s who they hope will lead them to the man himself. They use Diaz to get in touch with Virgil and take the Ghost Initiative out into the field – rather unsuccessfully.

Knowing Diaz is running free, Felicity and a distracted Laurel rekindle their plan to take him out, possibly through hacking into the explosive in his brain. Laurel is also the first one to notice Felicity is behaving suspiciously due to the sudden lack of alcohol and coffee in her life, so Felicity confides in her.

Felicity and Oliver decide to join ARGUS on their mission when they learn Dante is in town, and it might be their only chance to catch him. While they find out Dante’s identity, the mission goes sideways when Diaz is able to disable his chip and therefore becomes the target once again. Dante, himself a weirdly well-trainer fighter escapes, and with the mission a failure, Lyla is asked to resign. John takes the fall for her, claiming he worked on the Ghost Initiative without her consent, which could put an end to his career.

Even though Felicity is faced with the chance of killing Diaz, she shows mercy, and lets John take Diaz back into custody. Back in his cell someone, unknown to the audience, visits Diaz and douses him in gasoline before lighting him on fire. Could this have been Dante’s work at play? Or has Laurel decided to get her revenge in the end?

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All the while Oliver is trying to further establish a relationship with Emiko by helping her with her very own mission – finding her mother’s killer. However, the more he gets involved in the mission, the more Oliver seems to want to do things his way, rather than accepting Emiko’s.

With Oliver being the only one allowed to act due to his immunity with the SCPD but Emiko wanting to be the one in charge they struggle to find common ground. He eventually admits that he needs to take a step back and let her lead her own mission.

However, Oliver was too quick to trust her, as we find out Emiko has been working with Dante all along, and he is now asking her to ‘come home’. Unbeknownst to his sister’s betrayal, Oliver comes home at the end of the day to find Felicity with a tub of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. She finally tells him that they are expecting a baby, and that not killing Diaz was a fresh start for them.

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In the future, we learn that Dinah and Rene never learned about Felicity and Oliver’s growing family. John did, and asked his adoptive son Connor to keep an eye on Mia. Mia tells the team that Felicity has faked her death and went into hiding before. Since no one has seen a body, she doesn’t believe that her mother is actually dead.

With William’s help the team looks into the only eyewitness of Felicity’s death, who suspiciously committed suicide shortly after – which leads them to believe that she was in fact murdered and someone was trying to cover it up.

William and Mia eventually bond over their shared distraught childhoods, so William shares the hozen Felicity gave him with his sister, claiming it was meant to lead him to her. Hidden in a Rubik’s cube the siblings find a mini-cassette, which could possibly be the next step in discovering what happened to Felicity.

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Dare we believe that this is really the end for Ricardo Diaz? It seems almost impossible at this point, as we’ve had to deal with a plethora of cop-outs in the past. I for one would be glad to close this particular chapter in Arrow villain history, as it was never that interesting to begin with.

Sadly, as of now it seems that Diaz was just a placeholder for Dante, who appears to be cut from the same cloth. When will we get another unique and original bad guy? I miss Adrian Chase.

Oliver and Felicity might be basking in the rays of baby news, but as we learn through the flash-forwards, Mia’s childhood is not one of unicorns and rainbows. Can we also talk about the fact that William will not have any further contact with his family until these fast-forwards happen? That’s just painful.

Is anyone truly surprised by the Emiko twist? A woman randomly shows up, claiming to be your sister without any kind of proof or evidence? Only Oliver Queen would be foolish enough to trust that – what happened to trust but verify? This carelessness will come back to haunt him, it always does.

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Favorite Lines:

Laurel: There will always be another Diaz you just have to have faith that you can handle the next one and the one after that and the one after that. This baby is really lucky to have you. I know it’s scary but I promise you’ve got this and if you want to kill Ricardo Diaz I’m not gonna stand in your way. But don’t do it out of fear, you have nothing to be afraid of.

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